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Thank you for choosing to volunteer with ALONE.

ALONE is a national organisation supporting older people to age at home. We have a number of volunteer opportunities available Nationwide.

COVID-19/Coronavirus Volunteer Support Opportunity

Are you interested in volunteering to support older people during this difficult time? Please see opportunities below. 

While this role is to help out during this time of crisis we hope that you will continue to volunteer with us in the future.

COVID-19 Telephone Support volunteer

ALONE’s Telephone Support provides telephone contact to an older person from a volunteer. It is a free friendly, support and information telephone service and ensures that recipients are safe and well in their home.  

COVID-19 Practical Support Volunteer

An ALONE practical support volunteer provides assistance with collection and delivery of items to an older person including groceries, medical prescriptions and fuel.

Volunteer opportunities with ALONE

Volunteers are involved in every aspect of the organisation, from the Board to our front line services. Without volunteers ALONE simply could not carry out its work. Volunteers play an essential role and contribute highly to the overall success of our work. We aim to always keep standards of volunteer support high while expecting the most from our volunteers.

We work to have roles available in all departments to ensure volunteers are integrated into the staff team. We aim to give opportunities to those who may not want to visit weekly but want to contribute their time in other ways. Below is a list of volunteer opportunities that are available. 

If we cannot support your request to volunteer directly, we will refer you on to an organisation that provides a similar service to ALONE. We support these organisations through Befriending Network Ireland.


Support and Befriending Visits

Support and Befriending visitation volunteers provide companionship to an older person who would like extra social contact through a weekly visit. Volunteers can also help with practical supports such as helping access information, filling out forms or with phone calls and appointments.


Support and Befriending Telephone calls

Telephone Support volunteers provide companionship to an older person who would like extra social contact through a weekly or daily telephone call. Volunteers can also help with practical supports such as helping access information and other services. The service is free, confidential and informative. 


Specialist Skills

Volunteers can offer their specialist or professional skills in a voluntary capacity. This can be for a particular project or on an ongoing basis. These roles may include: administration support, finance, maintenance, gardening, driving, IT support, or legal advice.


Other volunteer opportunities

Volunteers participate in time-defined projects with ALONE organised by other bodies or agencies. These include corporate volunteering opportunities, student placements and other volunteer referral programmes. In these cases, a special agreement must be in effect with the body or agency that identifies responsibility for management and care of the volunteers.


What happens when you register your interest?

  1. You will receive an email of thanks and be set up on our database
  2. You will receive a follow up email with an application form and paperwork required.
  3. If required, you will be asked to begin the Garda Vetting process.
  4. You will be asked to complete our training module.
  5. You will contacted for a short interview over the phone.
  6. Once all of the above steps are completed, you will be through the recruitment process and ready to go as an ALONE volunteer.

Personal Details: 

Your Volunteer role:
We are currently recruiting for Volunteers to support with our COVID-19 Response Nationwide. If you are available to support us with this, please select either COVID-19 Telephone Support or COVID-19 Practical Support below.

If you are not available right now to support with COVID-19, but you would like to sign up to volunteer with ALONE, select any of the options below. 
If you sign up in an area where ALONE currently does not have a Service hub, you may be referred on to one of our partner organisations further on in the recruitment process.
Please note that we are currently providing Telephone Befriending in Donegal and Louth. However, given the situation with COVID-19, we are looking to expand this service. If you are on a PC/Laptop Press 'CTRL' to select multiple options.  
Final Section: