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Thank you for your interest in Grounded Solutions Network’s ForEveryoneHome Initiative. We are excited to meet our potential partners in this effort.  Please complete the application below or submit it by email as a PDF document to Matt Weber at mweber@groundedsolutions.org by 5:00 pm PST on March 14th, 2019. We will evaluate applications based upon submitted materials, follow-up interviews, and site visits.  Selection announcements will be made April 12, 2019. For details about the ForEveryoneHome initiative, please see our website at:

Lead Contact Person
List the lead applicant’s contact information 

Applicant Team Bios 
Provide the names and brief biographies (up to 200 words each) of each member of the project team. The core applicant team should consist of two to three local government leaders (including elected and appointed officials and key staff) and two to three community members who are trusted voices on the housing needs in the low-income communities of color in your city. For every team, the city’s mayor will be designated an honorary team member and is not counted toward the four- to six-member limit. The name and brief biography of the mayor, however, should be included in your application. In addition to these project leaders, Grounded Solutions will work with each city to involve a broader group of stakeholders in the program.
Team Members

Team Narrative
Describe briefly why these are the right individuals to lead a displacement prevention initiative in your community, and what roles they will play. It is not necessary for every team member to participate in every aspect or meeting of the initiative. Please highlight how each team member will contribute to the overall success of the initiative. We seek diverse teams of both government and community leaders who bring community knowledge, technical expertise and policymaking authority.

Need for Action

Existing Conditions

Future Efforts

Readiness for Success

Community Engagement

Potential Barriers

Peer Sharing

Peer Sharing
Supply at least three and up to five letters of support for the city’s participation in the ForEveryoneHome initiative, including a letter from the mayor or resolution of support from the city council, letters from community organizations (particularly those working in and with low-income communities of color in your city), and letters from foundations and other funders active in your community.

Match Funding

Thanks to generous underwriting from the Ford Foundation, Grounded Solutions is able to offer a value of $150,000 in program activities and technical assistance to each participating team. We also require a minimum local commitment of $75,000 in match funding. However, the inability to raise the full community match by the date of application submission is not necessarily disqualifying. Grounded Solutions Network will work with selected applicants to round-out their community contribution through additional fundraising. The first installment of $50,000 will be due by July 31, 2019, with the remainder due December 31, 2019.

Supporting Documents

Please attach or provide links to any planning documents, housing reports or other similar items that support your application.  Include a brief description of their relevance.