Star Island Corporation Financial Grant Application - 2019

This is the Star Island Corporation's Financial Grant application form.

Thank you for inquiring about financial grants to attend a Star Island conference this summer.  Complete information about the Star Island Financial Grant Program is available at  That page includes a link to the Star Island Financial Grant Committee policy. 

Here is some information relevant to filling out the form below:

  1. You may not receive a grant from both an individual program/conference and the Star Island Corporation.  Most programs/conferences have their own grant programs, in addition to the Star Island Corporation program you're applying for here.  The programs are administered independently and draw on different pools of funds.  You may apply to both your program/conference program and the Corporation program, and you may accept whichever offer suits your circumstances better.
  2. You may receive a financial grant in addition to one of the Star Island discount programs. See the "Discounts" web page for more information.
  3. On this form, include all the people for whom you are responsible for paying the bill.  Typically these would be members of a family, but if your circumstances are different, please follow this guideline: if you're writing the check / using your credit card / paying cash for someone, please include them on this form.  Conversely, if you do not expect to be responsible for your own bill, please ask the person who will be responsible to fill out the form.
  4. Please note grants are always partial.  We cannot cover the full room and board costs for anyone.
  5. Your grant is a dollar amount determined by the financial grant committee. 
  6. Your grant will appear as a credit on your hotel bill when you check out.
  7. Grants are based on the ‚ÄúStandard-Shared Occupancy" room rate.  If you need a single room or motel unit, your bill will reflect the actual charges for the room you occupy.  The calculations on this form are based on the "Standard-Shared Occupancy" rate. 
  8. Grant calculations do not include or take in to account parking or travel to and from Portsmouth.  You should take that in to account when you tell us how much you can contribute towards your bill.  For example, if two different applicants (call them Alan and Betty) each have $1,000 to spend on their program/conference at Star, and Allen has $400 in travel expenses, while Betty has $200 in travel expenses, Alan should say that he can contribute $600 towards his bill when he fills out the form, while Betty should say that she can contribute $800 towards her bill when she fills out the form.  (Just to be clear: this assumes that Allen and Betty will be on different conference center bills.  If they're on the same bill, then they should submit only one application, indicating that they can contribute $1,400 towards their combined program/conference bill.)
  9. The amount of financial grants will depend on the number of applications received.
  10. You must have already registered for a program/conference in order to apply for financial grants!
Program/Conference start date Application due Date when you will receive a response
Date to notify us whether accepting financial grant
Before July 10 May 1 May 15
June 1
July 10-August 10 June 1 June 15
July 1
After August 10 July 1 July 15
August 1

All information will be kept in confidence by the Star Island Financial Grant Committee.

If you have questions about the financial grant program, please contact Anne Fischer at

If you have trouble filling out this form, please send us an e-mail at and a techie will get in touch with you.

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All information will be kept in confidence  by the Star Island Financial Grant Committee.

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You will receive an automated confirmation after you submit your form.  If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation, please check your spam/junk-mail/commercial mail folders!  If you really don't see an email, please email and we'll confirm with you.