SOMArts Curatorial Residency 2021 : Proposal

Submissions will be accepted only before the deadline of Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 5:00pm. The form will automatically close at this time. Be sure to apply early in case of questions or technical difficulty. The online application must be completed in one sitting. We strongly advise saving your answers in a separate document as a reference.

For information about dates, eligibility, criteria and guidelines, visit Exhibition dates are below. Complete programming event dates will be shared with selected residents.

Friday, March 12–Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Installation: March 1–6. Deinstallation: April 21

Friday, July 16–Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Installation: July 6–10. Deinstallation: August 25

*dates are not flexible. If you have questions email


Proposals are evaluated by a selection panel of arts professionals, artists and curators. This years selection panel includes

Cece Carpio, muralist and SFAC Galleries Manager
Maria Jenson, SOMArts ED
Matt McKinley, McKinley Art Solutions
Yetunde Olagbaju, artist & curator, 2018–19 curatorial resident
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, visual & performance artist, 2017–18 curatorial resident
Lead Applicant's Contact Information


Participating Artists & Organizations

We strongly recommend attaching a letter of commitment from confirmed partner organization/s that clearly describes the roles and responsibilities of the partnership. Proposals in the past have been specific about collaborating with an organization or mentor about strategic planning, funding, outreach, or installation/layout support.

A concise, compelling description of your exhibition. Think of this description as text that could be used in SOMArts season preview to ignite the public's interest in your show.

(250 words max)

(max of 150 words each bio)

(max 150 words)
Exhibition & Interpretive Content

(500 words max)

(300 words max)
Scope: SOMArts supports up to 3 programming events including an Opening Reception. We can typically provide one front-of-house manager, 2 event volunteers and one audio–visual technician for up to 18 hours (divided among 3 events) for public programming.

Describe and outline your early ideas for the three public events you envision at SOMArts. Events may serve multiple purposes but should include a goal of contextualizing the exhibition and engaging your intended audience.

Please include the following details:
  • Who will attend the event?
  • How do you see participants engaging, creating, and/or learning?
  • Logistical/technical needs
  • What artists/curators/thought leaders will be present?
  • What are their roles in the events?
Some flexibility may be possible for additional public programming at SOMArts like classes, tours, discussions leading up to an opening, or events that require a lighter amount of technical or production assistance. Please be as descriptive as possible.

(300 words max) Openings take place on the first Thursday of the exhibition from 6pm to 9pm.

(300 words max)

(300 words max)

(300 words max)

(300 words max)
Programming & Engagement Strategy

(300 words max)

(300 words max)

Eligibility requirements are online in the link listed at the top of this form.

Support Materials

Submit the following support materials:


  • Up to seven, and no fewer than five, digital images, formatted as JPEG files (may not exceed 800 x 600 pixels, 180 dpi). Each image file must be labeled with your name and a number that corresponds to an annotated image list. For example:  [Applicant last name]_[Artwork Title]_[image #]. We DO NOT accept hard copies or URLs for images hosted online. If you would like to submit audio or video please submit them as links on the annotated list. 

  • An annotated list that corresponds with your visual support materials. Include artists or organizers name, title of work, medium, dimensions and a brief (two-sentence or less) description. Photographs of previous exhibition installations are welcome. Please note whether artworks are confirmed for the exhibition, similar to new work that is confirmed, or representative of work that will be selected. The strongest proposals include at least some confirmed artwork.

  • A signed Work Sample Disclaimer and Statement of Intent, available HERE.Document must be labeled [Applicant last name]_disclaimer and formatted as a pdf.


  • Up to 3 one-page letters of commitment from your partnering organization/s (if applicable). Please attach all letters of commitment as a single pdf.

  • A URL to a video or sound work sample (max 2 minutes). Please include a description of the work sample along with the URL in your annotated image list.