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The 2019 Summer AVI CHAI Educator Match Program brings the best and brightest Jewish Education and Engagement Providers to Jewish summer camps to expand camp content and culture. The best part? It is FREE for your camp!

Do you want to strengthen Jewish education and culture at your camp, expand your ability to bring joyous Judaism to your campers, provide additional training for your staff, and bring first-rate educators and performers to your camp for FREE this summer? Then this initiative is for you!

Read through the overview and instructions below. Applications are due no later than Wednesday, February 27th, 2019. If you have any questions or concerns, please be in touch with Teri McGuire at, or 646-278-4559.

Grant Overview
The AVI CHAI Foundation and Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC) are proud to be celebrating the third year of the Innovation Fund for Jewish Impact at Camp. Our research and decades of direct experience have shown that overnight camps benefit from Jewish educational and engagement resources as significant components for deepening Jewish culture and strengthening camper and staff retention.The goal of the project is to bridge overnight camps’ desire for compelling Jewish programming with the gift of some of the best (and best fitted) programs in the field of Jewish engagement and education. The initiative will be used to identify, test, and validate the effectiveness of experiential Jewish education programming that has potential to expand a camp’s Jewish content and enhance Jewish life. 

This application will allow you to share why your camp would benefit from being matched with an expert Jewish educational provider for Summer 2019, and rank the providers that you are most interested in. Accepted camps will be matched with a talented education provider who will visit camp in Summer 2019 to provide programming. Twenty-Seven programs are available for this summer, and you can learn about them here.

Grant Proposal Selection Criteria & Funding
Preference will be given to Jewish overnight camps that have a goal of further deepening Jewish education and culture at camp, that are ready to engage in supplementary staff training, and that have the desire to provide enrichment experiences to both campers and staff during the 2019 summer season. FJC will facilitate the process of matching Education Providers with camps requesting enrichment in certain areas.

There is no expense to Jewish summer overnight camps for bringing one or more Education Providers to camp. The program is free to camps. Funding will be managed directly from FJC to the Education Provider, alleviating the need for camp leaders to engage in additional financial and contractual paperwork. 

Wednesday, February 27- Application Due
First two weeks of March - Camps will be notified of their acceptance (and match if applicable)
Summer 2019   - Implementation of Innovation Fund Program
September, 2019 - Evaluations due to FJC

The camp will complete a brief evaluation (that FJC will provide online) that evaluates the program in order to (1) document the impact of the program on camps and (2) share the Education Provider’s experiences so that FJC and the AVI CHAI Foundation can adjust the program so that it best fits the camping field’s needs. 

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Getting to Know Your Camp

Areas of Interest

Preferred Programming
Below please share information around your program preferences based on the descriptions you have read on our website here. Please note that these preferences will be taken into consideration, but are not guaranteed. 

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