Girls Write Now Writing Works Workshops, 2019

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About these workshops:
Girls Write Now is pleased to offer Writing Works, a workshop series including scholarship writing; resume and cover letter writing with an eye to personal branding, interviewing and office etiquette; writing the college essay, and more, with expert expert facilitators and one-of-a-kind career days.

WHO: Any rising 10-12th grade girl or gender non-conforming youth attending school in NYC may register.

WHAT/WHEN: You have the option to sign up for one, two, or all three sessions!
February 7, 4-6:30pm—Scholarship Workshop at Girls Write Now (247 W 37th St, 10th floor): We'll share a list of scholarships, identify resources, and review successful applications. You'll begin a draft of your essay and get feedback!
March 20, 4-6:30pmInternship Workshop at RBC(tba): We'll discuss and review the 3 components of applying for internships—cover letter, resume, and interview. Learn how to organize your resume, write a compelling cover letter that tells your prospective boss why you're the right person for this opportunity, and how to present yourself in an interview.
April 16, 4-6:30pm—College Essay Workshop at Girls Write Now (247 W 37th St, 10th floor):
We'll review sample essays, discuss what makes the personal statement different from other essays, brainstorm ideas, create outlines, start drafts, and share essential editing tips. Learn how to craft a powerful college essay in your own voice and style!

REGISTRATION: You must register in advance to attend!


If you have more than one address, please use the one where you spend more time.

Ex: My mom, Jane Doe.

Ex: Jane Doe, my English teacher

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