APPLY NOW TO ChangemakerXchange on Empathy and Social-Emotional skills

Welcome to the application page for an exciting special edition ChangemakerXchange on Empathy and Social Emotional Skills.

Co-created by Ashoka and Robert Bosch Stiftung, ChangemakerXchange is a global collaborative community for over 600 of the world's top young changemakers to connect, share and develop cross-border collaborations.

This special summit is in partnership with ALV gGmbH.

Deadline is 17th February 23:00 CET

Eligible countries are EUROPE only.


In a world of exponential change, we are confronted by an increasing number of complex inter-connected societal and environmental problems. Ensuring solutions will outpace problems requires effective collaboration at a scale never seen before. Thriving and collaborating in this new world is only possible with deep empathy and social-emotional skills, the ability to understand and respond to the feelings of others. Today, cultivating our innate capacity for empathy in children and young adults is as fundamental and urgent as numeracy and literacy.

We are looking for 20 of the most creative young Changemakers from across Europe, whose mission is to cultivate empathy and social emotional skills in children and young people .

You might be 

  • A Social entrepreneur who has founded their own social start-up 
  • A Young teacher who has an idea which is spreading beyond your own school walls     
  • A Storyteller who is raising awareness about the need for a more empathic society     
  • A Young ‘intrapreneur' who is pioneering an empathy-focused initiative from within a bigger public or private sector organisation.
We will bring this group together in a unique collaborative summit format close to Cologne from April 24th-28th, after which they will get the chance to become part of a vibrant global community of social innovators. The summit will be followed by an accelerator program for this group to advance their impact to the next level, diving deeper into issues like systemic change, fundraising, holistic well-being and stakeholder engagement.

Please make sure to read the following information carefully before applying, also check out our values below (all of them co-created with our community) and take a moment to reflect if they are a fit for you, note we are not just an event nor a platform focused on networking or self-promotion for 'hero-entrepreneurs' but rather a genuine and authentic community of supportive peers. Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

CXC Values


Applicants for ChangemakerXchange: 

**Must be between 18-35 y/o. 

**Should lead, co-lead, have founded or co-founded their own social venture / initiative which is up and running and at the core of its mission, is about cultivating empathy & social emotional-skills in children and / or young people. 

**Must have a good level of English that enables them to understand, present, and collaborate throughout the summit. 

**Should have the skills and know-how to be part of a special community of collaborative young social entrepreneurs and be willing to play an active role within this community. 

**Must be a fit with the values of the CXC community (see above)

**Must be from an eligible country (for this particular summit, this includes all countries in Europe).

Please visit to read the full details of our selection process.


ChangemakerXchange covers your travel costs to/from the venue as well as all of the conference costs for all four nights and five days (including hotel accommodation, inner city travel, food, entrance fees, etc.). However we expect you to cover your own visas, local travel to airport in your own country and from the airport to the venue in the host country (in very limited cases we may be able to support with some of these costs, please reach out to us). 

Please note that we will be asking people to offset the carbon footprint of their flights and we are also committed to making our events as carbon neutral and environmentally friendly as possible.

* NOTE our view on offsetting is not that it enables us to 'guilt free' continue our polluting behaviour and that it MUST be invested into systemic projects which tackle root causes of climate change AND combined with difficult habit changes we all have to make (reduce absolutely everything you can, offset the rest.

Best wishes and good luck! 
Your ChangemakerXchange Team 


I hereby grant Ashoka and the ChangemakerXchange the following permissions: 

  1. I want to be updated about all things Ashoka and ChangemakerXchange (including news about the community, our summits, our offering to young changemakers and social entrepreneurs). *We do not currently send any kind of newsletter or mass mailings for opportunities but this would cover the future possibility of us doing so. 
  2. I consent that Ashoka and the ChangemakerXchange Team can safely store and process my contact details and information*, also outside the EEA, about my venture and transfer and share that information with other official members of the ChangemakerXchange community and our partners. I can request to learn anytime which of my contact details and information is being stored. I can also request that just certain information (eg. my social media account handle) will be deleted. Ashoka guarantees to not share your details outside our network.
  3. If accepted as a member of ChangemakerXchange community, I consent to being contacted by Ashoka and the ChangemakerXchange Team via email, Phone and other Internet Services. 
  4. If accepted to the ChangemakerXchange community, I consent to Ashoka displaying a profile of me and my Venture on and/or including first name, last name, name of my venture, my skills (listed on the website as 'super-powers'), a short paragraph about my venture, link to the website of my venture and my public LinkedIn profile (if it exists) and in other on-/offline marketing materials. These profiles do NOT include your contact details or other personal information than the ones mentioned above. We guarantee that you will only receive emails from us directly, other official members of the ChangemakerXchange community (if you are accepted onto the program) and official partners of Ashoka and ChangemakerXchange and that we will not share your data with anyone outside that circle and never sell your data. 
Important note: We need to store your data in order to be able to contact you in order to notify you of the results of the selection process, as a result, there is no opt-out option below, you of course can decide to opt-out and withdraw the permission to store your data and contact you at any time. You can do so by reaching out to and/or to
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