2020 Summer Festival

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It's great you're coming to the New Wine summer festival. This registration will collect details about your household before asking for details about you as the household contact for this booking. You'll then add in other individuals as necessary, before answering a few further questions about your household.

Please note that only people from the same address can be registered on this form. If you wish to register people from different physical addresses please complete a second form.

As you would like printed on your name tag
If you don't have one, write "N/A"
If helping on a zone team select this as the zone programme you will be in.
Churches are listed alphabetically by city/town then suburb and church name

Festival Details
State the day(s), and whether they're full days, mornings or afternoon/evenings.
The following questions are for children who will be aged 10 or younger, including preschoolers. It contains information specifically for the children's programmes. 

New Wine's policy is that all children under the age of 7 years must be picked up by either the parent, caregiver or nominated person at the end of each session.

There will be official photographers on site. Children may feature in photos which will be used for our website and publications. If you do not want photographs of this child to be published, you must submit a letter to the New Wine office stating this and a recent photograph of the child.

Thanks for applying to help on a team. People involved on teams at New Wine events carry considerable responsibility. New Wine needs to ensure that those engaged in ministry are appropriately gifted and experienced, are willing to accept training, and will follow the guidelines set out for this ministry.

Give details of any experience you have relevant to the team you're applying for. Include brief details of the groups and activities you belong to in your church.
Referee 1 (Church leader)
Referee 2 (not a family member)

I declare that the information contained in this application is true and correct. I have read the New Wine NZ Policy Document and agree to abide by its policies, procedures and guidelines.
Under 18

If you're under 18 years old this declaration needs to also be signed by your parent or caregiver.


You've said you're staying onsite. Awesome! Let us know what you're bringing.

Getting to New Wine is financially difficult for some. Christians share the burdens of others, including financial ones. Grace Box is New Wine’s mechanism for you to give or receive financial support.

If you would like to put money into the Grace Box, or even donate back your earlybird discount, add it below (a donation receipt will be issued at financial year end). If you need assistance, request it below and complete an online subsidy application form here or print and post a paper copy of the form from here.

The Stewards would appreciate knowing what car belongs to which person