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(Why do we need to know this? We believe that the best groups have diverse staff.)


Workgrants are available according to need for Junior Gathering Staff positions.

Up to a 50% Basic Fee* workgrant may be awarded for morning support staff and up to a 40% may be awarded for evening support staff. Please be sure to indicate the amount of your financial need on your Gathering Registration.

Taking less than the maximum enables more Friends to come to Gathering by freeing up some funding. Though you’re entitled to a full work grant, please only accept the amount necessary. Consider taking advantage of applying for a scholarship through your Monthly or Yearly Meeting. We don’t want to make it a hardship for people to serve on Junior Gathering staff, so please ask for what you need!

If bringing your children is a barrier for you to attend, there is additional funding this year that has reduced children’s program costs.

*Basic Fee: Program fee and room and board in a double room with three meals.

Gifts and Skills
Please check the gifts and skills you bring to your work with children.


Work with Children