MDT Academy Application - NJ 2019

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We are pleased to offer a 2-day Multidisciplinary Team Training for New Jersey Multidisciplinary Teams on June 26-27, 2019 at the Luciano Conference Center in Vineland, NJ.  As the Executive Director or Program Coordinator, you are responsible for coordinating your team of 6-7 people.  Please choose members that are committed to and actively support the CAC/MDT Model and who are planning to be in their position for at least two more years.  It is required that you have a representative from Law Enforcement, Child Protection, and Prosecution. The expectation is that these representatives be at the supervisor level.  The other 3 members can be from Victim Advocacy, Forensic Interviewer, Medical, or Mental Health partners.  We realize that some MDT partners may have multiple roles, i.e. Law Enforcement that serve as Forensic Interviewers or a Program Coordinator that is also a Victim Advocate, so there is flexibility for your team to have all core roles represented during the training. 

Once you complete the application below, your responses will automatically be submitted to NRCAC.  In the space below, you will need to provide your contact information, as well as the information of the 5-6 team members that will attend the training with you. Once your application is accepted, a link will be sent each team member to complete a survey prior to the training, allowing NRCAC to personalize the agenda for your needs. NRCAC also requires each attendee's supervisor to sign off on their attendance at this training via an online signature form, which will be sent after acceptance. Contact Tony DeVincenzo at or Nydia Monagas at with any questions.

Please complete and submit this application no later than 5:00pm on April 19, 2019.
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