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Some points to note
Please note:
  • this year we want reports on resorts in Italy only
  • we want reports on resort visits in 2017–2018 and 2018-19 only, and not on earlier trips
  • this form focuses on just a few key aspects of your trip, including mountain restaurants
  • more general reviews of resorts should now be posted in the quite separate system on our main website - find your way to the relevant resort page in the Resorts section of the site, and then click on the link inviting you to add your own review
  • this form is quite short, but it permits you to report on multiple slope sectors and multiple mountain restaurants; in case you run out of time, it has a Save and Resume Later link at the bottom of each page; to use this facility, you will need to provide your email address again, and a password; you will then get an email with a link to get you back to the form when you want to resume
  • the best 50 reports will win a free copy of the Italy book. 
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The trip you are reporting on
This form allows you to file information on multiple resorts, on multiple slope sectors and on multiple restaurants. But if you want to report on multiple TRIPS you'll need to start afresh for each trip.

Now, tell us where you went on this trip, and when.

Page 2 – Key observations on the slopes

Give us your views on the slopes you skied. Keep it brief – no run-by-run diaries, please – but do name any runs you particularly liked or disliked.
Your views on one sector of slopes
First, choose a ski area; you'll then be able to choose a sector within that area, or a whole resort. Note that we treat the whole of the linked Sella Ronda region as one ski area, and the Val di Fassa as another. Use the link at the bottom of the page to file remarks on another sector; you can do this repeatedly.

Now give us your views in the appropriate field below. Don't feel obliged to put something in every field - just give us the pointers you really think we should have. There are popup tips to suggest the kind of comment we are looking for.

Serious queues? Long ride times a problem?

Any problems getting around? Remarks on grooming, crowding?

Gentle enough? Free of through traffic? Free or cheap lifts?

Motorways? Tough stretches? Any that should really be red? Favourites?

Varied or samey? Long or short? Favourites?

Genuinely steep? Groomed or bumpy? Favourites?
If you want to report on another sector, click on the very discreet link below right. Otherwise, go on to the next page (or save for later).

Page 3 – Views on mountain restaurants

Your views on a particular mountain restaurant
First choose the resort on whose slopes the restaurant sits; the second dropdown will then contain the restaurants we know about in that resort. If your restaurant is not shown, set the second dropdown to "Unlisted" and then enter your restaurant name in the Unlisted restaurant field. 

If you want to report on another restaurant, click on the very discreet link below right. Otherwise, go on to the next page (or save for later).

Page 4 – stuff we need to know

Although this form is designed to focus on particular aspects of the resort, we don't want to deny you the opportunity to pass on key points on other aspects that you think we really should know about. Here's your chance.