Angel First Look Exhibitor Registration


The RIC Centre, Angel One Network, and the City of Brampton would like to invite you to join us as an exhibitor for the Angel First Look investor meeting on September 12 at the Rose Theatre in Brampton, Ontario.

The information collected in this form will be used to create your company profile. All company profiles will be compiled in a printed booklet to be shared with the investors that attend the event.

Deadline for submission: July 12, 2019

General Information 

Include brief relevant background of founders and team members

Limit 200 characters
Financial Information

For example: Also seeking leveraged funding from "_______" (ie. FedDev, OCE, etc)

For example, % or $ increase in sales, increase in number of customers, inventory, etc
Business Details 

Identify the customer problem you are trying to solve and include a value proposition statement (what your solution is, who it’s for specifically, and what value does it offer to the customer(s))

How is your innovation unique? What is your competitive advantage?

 Target market / addressable market:  Market size  Competitors

E.g. number of customers, units sold, partnerships, etc 

e.g. Revenue stream(s) - who pays you, how you make money

 Go to market strategy  Distribution model/channel partners
Financial Projections (in thousands (000) of Canadian dollars)
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