2019 Artistic Assistance Professional Development Application

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1. Click the link to download the 2019 Artistic Assistance Professional Development application, and budget spreadsheet (a sample completed budget is available here). Complete these as separate Word and Excel files. 
2. Fill out the form below. 
3. Attach your completed application and budget. 

For more information about the Artistic Assistance program, including guidelines, deadlines, and application support, click here!

Members who live in these states are eligible to apply.


You must complete the full application and attach here. Failure to complete all sections of the document may affect your ability to qualify. DO NOT SUBMIT PRELIMINARY APPLICATIONS. FOR PROPOSAL COACHING email: wendy@alternateroots.org. 25MB max.

You must complete the full budget and attach here. 25MB max.

Applicants are encouraged to submit at least one and no more than three work samples. Please save your work sample with your First and Last Name, Funding Area, Work Sample, (e.g. Mary Jane Professional Development Work Sample).