Reading Is Fundamental 2019 Matching Grant Application

Thank you for your interest in this grant program. Please fill out the application to be considered for a RIF Books for Ownership Matching Grant. 

Section 1: General Application Information

Please provide the following information for the RIF coordinator. This person will receive all communications regarding this grant:

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Section 2: Grant Award Information

Please provide the following information.

Note: Consider adding a small cushion to the number of books requested to ensure all children have a choice when selecting their books. Most frequently, a 10% increase is used to calculate this cushion.

Total Programmatic Book Cost

Through the matching grant program, RIF will fund half of the total programmatic book cost and grantees are required to fund the other half. RIF will calculate your matching grant funds which will be half of the total programmatic cost.

Grantees will be invoiced for the local funding responsibility and payment must be sent to RIF prior to ordering books.  

Section 3: Project Information (up to 1500 characters)

Provide a brief project narrative to explain your intended use of the matching grant. Describe the needs of the children you plan to serve and any unique ideas you plan to implement to support the program that will help us evaluate your application.   

Grade Range

Please check all of the following that apply to your organization. The matching grant will support:

Section 4: Additional Information

How did you hear about the RIF Matching Grant Program? Check all that apply.

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