2019 Phase One Male Reference Form

The 18 Inch Journey Phase One is a 70 day heart school devoted to the process of living a whole-hearted and Holy-Spirit empowered life.  We impart what it means to move beyond head knowledge about God and into truly experiencing Him in daily life.  Phase One primarily focuses on discipleship, creativity and community.  

We thank you for your reference.  It is a vital part of the application process.  We read every reference, and your answers give us perspective into the character and life of the applicant.  

  • Please answer the following questions as thoughtfully and honestly as possible. 
  • These questions depend strongly on the reference's current relationship with the applicant.  If you feel less empowered to answer these questions as thoroughly as you'd like on your applicant's behalf, we encourage you to ask him / her to request a reference from someone else.  
  • We realize that if the applicant is applying for our school, he / she is seeking encounter and transformation by the Love of God.  We are not expecting them to be perfect and know they are coming to us with needs.  We value your honest feedback!  


Who is this Reference for?

***This is the Male Reference form. ***
 Please use the Female Reference Form here for your applicant.
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Discipleship is at the heart of everything we do in the 18 Inch Journey, for we believe it is an essential component of living a healthy, sustainable life in following Jesus.  We expect from our students:

    • A willingness to be confronted by leadership and receive feedback for growth
    • Humility and constant willingness to learn.
    • For him / her to come with a vision for his / her wholeness, we will not work harder than him / her
    • For him / her to come ready to practice vulnerability and trust with leadership

Character Assessment
Listed below are areas pertaining to the applicant's character.  Please honestly rate the applicant in each area, then give a brief explanation in the box below.  Again, we sincerely value your feedback.