Multimedia & Performance Arts Festival at SOMArts Cultural Center
Art & Technology

This is a proposal form for participation in SOMArts' Multimedia and Performance Arts Festival in August. We are seeking mixed media installations and performances.

Answering these questions and uploading your images will assist curators Sian Morson and Kolmel W Love in selecting installations and performances for this year’s festival. Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis and must be submitted by April 15 by 5pmPlease apply early in case of questions or technical difficulties. We will inform you as to the status of your proposal no later than May 1st.

We realize your idea may evolve, please answer these questions to the best of your ability.

This year SOMArts is celebrating its 40th Anniversary. This festival looks into the future, the work we want to see and the world we want to live in. It dives into the intersection of art and technology and poses the following questions:
  • Does the ability to duplicate or reproduce a piece of work – to replicate and ‘restage’ it via social media or other channels – diminish art? Does the person reposting now become a creator?
  • How has technology influenced the creation of art? Is this influence a positive? Negative?
  • Do technological mediums facilitate creativity?
  • Technology changes how art is viewed and consumed, what does this mean writ large for museums, galleries and other venues?
If you have any questions about this form please contact Carolina Quintanilla at

Key Dates
Festival : Friday, August 16 & Saturday, August 17, 2019
Installation : Saturday, August 10–Tuesday, August 13, 2019
Deinstallation : Sunday, August 18, 2019
Lead Artist's Contact Information- The lead artist is the person who will interface with the curator/s regarding your participation in the exhibition. If you are proposing an artwork created by a group or collective, please select a lead artist. 





Visual and Performance