Seventh Generation Foundation - Nap Mat Exchange Application

Thank you so much for your interest, at this time we're received more applications than we can fulfill in 2019. Please feel free to continue filling out this form and we'll notify you when more nap mats are available beginning in 2020.

Please Note: This is a nap mat exchange program and it is expected that your old nap mats will be returned for proper disposal.

By submitting this application you are giving consent for the Seventh Generation Foundation to reach out to you for any clarification or updates related to your request.

We will arrange for your old nap mats to be picked up by Green Mountain Messenger. The date is TBD and will be communicated to you via the email addresses you provided. 

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Please indicate the number of children served by your facility, in each age range.

Nap Mat Information

Click here for information about the new non-toxic nap mats that we are providing.

We're exploring how to best share info about healthy childcare centers. Which of the following would you be interested in if available?