Summer Arts and Learning Academy LogoSummer Arts & Learning Academy - Intern Application 2019

Thank you for your interest in interning with the Young Audiences Summer Arts and Learning Academy. 

There are some short answer questions that are meant to replace the need for a cover letter.  You will have the option of submitting a cover letter on the last page if you would like, but it is not required.  Additionally, you will be asked to upload a resume on the last page. 

There are two types of internships available. Please read through the below job descriptions prior to applying. Then, select which intern position best suit you.

Community Engagement Intern:
On Site Administrative Intern:

Intern Position Selection
Contact Information
Emergency Contact
Site Preference
Below is a map of the 8 anticipated sites for SALA 2019.  They are subject to change.
SALA 2019 Site Locations
Special Sites
Please provide at least 1-3 references who can share about your work in classrooms.  Thank you!
Name Phone Email Relationship
Personal/Professional Artistic Samples
If you are an artist or have experience in graphic design and would like to include images of your personal work, you may do so here.  You may include up to two files and/or one link. This is not required.

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The following questions are optional and will be used for data gathering purposes only.