Teacher Recommendation


To the Recommender:  Thank you for taking the time to recommend the applicant.  You can use this online form, or you may use the Microsoft Word version available at 

https://www.evanstonscholars.org/become-a-scholar.html).  Please contact us at info@evanstonscholars.org with any questions.


Who should apply?

We are looking for high school sophomore students in Evanston who fit most of the following criteria:

  • Academically ambitious, motivated and committed students who perform strong academically (over 2.7 GPA unweighted)

  • First-generation college students

  • Come from a low income household

  • Persons of color

  • Have a strong desire to complete college


Qualitative Ratings

Evanston Scholars believes that there are five traits crucial for college and future success --Persistence, Engagement, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, and Connectedness.


Please assess the applicant on each of the Evanston Scholars Pillars of Success:

Thank you for recommending a student to Evanston Scholars! Please tell us about yourself: