Teacher Recommendation


To the Recommender:  Thank you for taking the time to recommend the applicant. Please submit this recommendation by Friday, May 1.  You can use this online form, or you may use the Microsoft Word version available at 

https://www.evanstonscholars.org/applications.html).  Please contact us at info@evanstonscholars.org with any questions.


Overview of Evanston Scholars

Evanston Scholars is a non-profit organization that improves college access and success for a diverse group of ambitious Evanston students who are traditionally first-generation college entrants, low-income students, and students of color, starting with the college admissions process and continuing through college graduation. The comprehensive, six-year program offers workshops, mentors, SAT prep, and college counseling to support students with financial and/or academic needs. Please check out our website – www.evanstonscholars.org


Through guidance, structure, and consistency, the program will help students:

·        Identify, apply to and gain admission to good fit colleges

·        Identify financial support options to make college affordable

·        Transition effectively to college AND overcome obstacles to finish college

·        Make connections with peers, staff, businesses, and organizations in the community


Who should apply?

Sophomores (spring of sophomore year) who demonstrate academic ambition (2.7 minimum unweighted GPA), and are committed to their education and have a strong desire to complete college. Applicants are typically first-generation college entrants, come from a low-income household (receive free/reduced lunch), and/or are a person of color.


Qualitative Ratings

Evanston Scholars believes that there are five traits crucial for college and future success --Persistence, Engagement, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, and Connectedness.


Please assess the applicant on each of the Evanston Scholars Pillars of Success: