Venue Rental Application

Thank you for your interest in renting an STG venue!

Some information to note before completing your rental request form:
  • Paramount venue capacity is 2,807 (fully seated, or flat floor standing). Stage dimensions: 85’ width x 68’ height x 47’ depth

  • Moore venue capacity is 1,804. Proscenium width: 32' width x 32’ height x 40’ depth. Total stage (including wings): 70’ width x 32’ height x 40’ depth. 

  • Neptune venue capacity is 1,000, or 750 fully seated. Stage dimensions: 25’ width x 17’ height x 20’ depth.

  • Technical specifications for each venue can be viewed and downloaded here: Paramount, Moore, Neptune.

  • For all ticketed shows, we exclusively use TicketMaster.

Due to a high volume of incoming requests, we are unable to remit date availabilities
prior to reviewing a completed application.

Please go on to the next page to complete your Application!
The first step in the booking process for a public show or private event is to complete this application with the required information below. Once submitted and reviewed a member of STG’s Programming team will contact you if approved.

For any additional questions, please email:
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Organization Information

Event Information

For us to better serve you, please provide as much specific information as possible.

Capacity information: Paramount - 2,807; Moore - 1,804; Neptune - 1,000 or 750 fully seated

Producing References
Please list two facility references you have worked with previously:

Due to a high volume of incoming requests, for public, ticketed events we encourage you to apply for rental once you can provide at least 2 venue rental references for shows you've promoted.