Application Packet for Scholarships/Honors/Awards

The Application packet for Scholarships, Honors, and Awards is now available. The deadline for submitting the application electronically will be NOON, March 15, 2019. No printed applications will be accepted. You will not be able to access the applications or submit any documents after that deadline. You may complete the application by clicking the link titled “Application packet for Scholarships, Honors, and Awards" at the bottom of the page. 

You will be required to type a one-page essay about your long-term goals. All essays MUST be typed and submitted in the application (not as an attachment).  Please print out the reference form, fill out your information on the top of the form, and deliver it to the people who will be serving as your references. Refrain from using family members or classmates as a reference.  Give each reference person an envelope so that the person completing the reference can return the reference to the student who will submit the sealed reference to the Office of Academic Affairs (ex. front of the envelope: Student’s Name; back of the envelope sealed and reference signature across the seal). If the Committee does not receive both of your reference forms by NOON, March 11, 2019, your application will be considered incomplete and no scholarship will be awarded.

All items denoted with a red asterick * are required and must be completed before moving on to the next page.

Please fill in the following information:

Local Address:

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List the 2 references you will ask to submit a written recommendation in support of your application:

Reference Form
Click this link to download the reference form:

Essay Submissions