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Residency for Danish Artists at UP, Roskilde, and Catch

Applications due by July 10, 2019

About the Residency

With support from Roskilde Festival, Catch, The Danish Ministry of Culture, and The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Unlisted Projects and The Museum of Human Achievement are pleased to offer an open call for a one-month residency in approx. Feb-March 2020 for artists from and residing in Denmark of any discipline. Residents are provided with a stipend, material support, shipping support, studio and living accommodations, and all UP & MoHA resources including but not limited to documentation, production and technical support. 

We are interested in the process of creating public work that can be both site-specific and at the same time shown in three different places and contexts (Austin, Roskilde and Helsingør). We are seeking work that can recognize a variety of cultural lenses and find strength from that variety. 


Artists will be provided with a working stipend, material stipend, travel costs, shipping costs, studio and living accommodations. The residency is funded by the Danish Ministry of Culture and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Furthermore, Catch and Roskilde Festival fund the work production with 80.000 DKK. The Artist Chosen for the residency will also have to apply for additional funding at the Danish Arts Foundation in August. 

Additional Support

~A residency stay with Unlisted Projects ~February - March 2020

~Workshop and co-working space at Catch throughout the fall-winter 2019-2020

~The produced work will be shown in local contexts and also be a part of festivals in Austin, Texas and Helsingør and Roskilde. 

Accommodations at Unlisted Projects
Resident artists are provided with a newly built 16' x 12' studio with two large barn doors which open into the common area and provide natural light. In additional artists are free to use all facilities, tools and supplies at hand. There is a small kitchen, internet, bathroom and shower. Although the trailer is climate controlled the studio is not.


Residency duration will last approximately one month.


The residency program offers opportunities to contribute to MoHA exhibitions and public programs. Artists In Residence are encouraged to submit proposals with public engagement and additional programming in mind. We can and will help facilitate any necessary production needs to make it an excellent experience.

UP Vibes

As a part of a community run center for artists, MoHA artists and members are asked to take part in the creation and maintenance of its facilities and programming.

Artists-In-Residence are asked to put in volunteer hours toward space renovation and a weekly chore.  We are frequently renovating our building – a process that would be impossible without our dedicated network of volunteers.  A constantly changing physical and social environment, MoHA is always a work-in-progress, and there are many opportunities to leave one’s mark.



The UP residency is tailored to Danish artists of varying media and practices. We welcome cultural producers of all stripes: social activists, academics, and anyone who is creative, adventurous and willing to come to Austin and allow experiences here to influence new bodies of work. We are especially keen on artists who have a socially collaborative and/or new media art practice.

We would like to work with an artist who has:

~Interest in engaging an audience and community around their practice and its environment

~A practice that involves social community, collectivity and activism

~An artistic approach to technology or a technological approach to art or art that uses a component of technology

~An experimental practice


Danish Artists-In-Residence are selected through our Open Call application process, due by July 10th. Studio visits or video interviews may be requested in July. The chosen artist will be required to also apply through the Danish Arts Foundations’ application process.


The Proposal can consist of any type of creative project that you want to pursue in Austin. A group or solo exhibition or performance is readily an option at UP at the end of the residency although not necessarily required.

About the institutions

Unlisted Projects

Unlisted Projects (Austin) cultivates and facilitates interdisciplinary meeting points for visiting national/international artists amid a local landscape. We catalyze and nurture connections between visitng artists and the Austin arts ecosystem. Unlisted Projects' visiting artists live and work along a thriving community of 35 in-house creatives and are supported to collaborate with the greater Austin art community. We foster a welcoming and intentional community of artists and arts administrators, as well as a number of useful tools and facilities at our resident artists' disposal. Our building is equipped with a dark room, co-working space, 1000 sq ft gallery space, venue area with PA, vinyl record cutting lathe, VR headset, tool library and various audio/visual equipment. Both the gallery and the venue host monthly exhibitions, weekly performance events and occasional educational programming; artists in residence are encouraged to participate in the development of our programming activities. MoHA is located in a thriving neighborhood near multiple local restaurants, work-focused coffee shops and businesses, as well as a multitude of neighboring art/creative spaces, including Canopy, Big Medium, Tillery Park, and Bolm Studios. We welcome every medium imaginable and individuals whose work is outside the box. Residents will live on-site in a climate controlled renovated 1970s trailer with a private yard.

Catch - Center for Art and Technologoy

Catch is a Center for Art and Technology located in Elsinore, Denmark. We operate both as a shared workspace, workshop and educational program in order to give creative practitioners the tools needed to perform practice-based research and to build prototypes and scalable sustainable companies. We work locally with a global perspective, we invite in local and international companies, hobbyists, students at various levels as well as professional artists, designers, technologists, and creative entrepreneurs. Through our educational programs, talent programs and individual counseling we guide and support as our users launch and grow.

Roskilde Festival
Roskilde Festival is a creative community that culminates one week each year. The first Roskilde Festival was held in 1971 and today 130,000 guests and over 200 different artists visit the festival that presents a progressive music, arts and activism program. We support a sustainable approach toward the cultural field and operate with a high awareness of socially engaged processes. Our engagement is local as much as global. 

Roskilde Festival is a non-profit organization. We donate 100% to humanitarian, non-profit cultural purposes. 

Contact Info

Statements & CV

Please tell us why you're applying to this program and describe the creative endeavor or project that you wish to pursue. We would like to receive a statement describing how you could imagine to work in a public space both in the US and in DK. The work doesn't have to entail a finished concept or idea. Also, feel free to describe your collaborative experiences and your experience working in a group environment.

Tell us about your work, process and interests or investigations.

Please paste in a current CV.
Show Us Your Work
In the two following sections, please show us examples of your work, however it is most relevant: upload images, attach text as a .pdf, and/or link to sound or video.
Images & Text
Upload one (1) multi-page .pdf containing up to 15 images with descriptions and/or up to 5 texts. File size should be less than 20 MB. Larger files can take a while to upload when you submit this form. Please be patient. 

Sound & Video
Please paste up to 5 links to sound or video.

Helpful Logistics Info

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