Summer  2019 Site Staff Application

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Thank you for your interest in Breakthrough Miami!

There are a few positions, which support the goals and success of the Summer Institute for both our Scholars and Teaching Fellows.

Below is short description and a link to the full job description for each of the positions.  This application is for all positions.  Applicants should indicate which position(s) they are interested in.

Instructional Coach -  are experienced and successful professional educators who provide content specific support for Breakthrough Teaching Fellows throughout the summer and engage fully in the Breakthrough Miami community. ICs dictate the level of academic rigor during Breakthrough's summer program through their interactions with Teaching Fellows.

Summer Associate Site Director - works collaboratively with full-time directors to ensure a successful Summer Institute and works closely with the Scholars; and their families, and the Teaching Fellows to ensure their needs are met.

Summer Site Coordinator  - a critical member of the summer Administrative Team and helps ensure the smooth and safe operations of the Summer Institute at their assigned site.

After submission of your application, a member of the Breakthrough Team will be in contact with you directly by phone or email.

If you have questions about the process please email or call 305-646-7210.
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Current Employment

Previous Breakthrough Experience

Cover Letter & Resume

Cover Letter: Please speak to your interest in the position(s) you are applying for. As you craft your letter to Breakthrough, you may wish to consider:
  • Why are you a strong candidate for the position? How do you hope to grow professionally?
  • What is your experience working with motivated students in under-resourced schools? What are the most important skills for them to successful in the most academically rigorous settings?
Resume: Please be sure your resume is up-to-date. The resume should include: your role or title (Chemistry Teacher); company or school and its general location (Rogers Elementary, Minneapolis, MN); the duration of your position (August 2009-Present); and a bulleted list of your responsibilities. We are interested in work, volunteer, and leadership experiences.

Your resume should be comprehensive but not overly detailed. A general guideline for professionals is two pages.
Disclosure of Misconduct 

Please provide the name, organization, title, and email for two references who know you as a leader and educator. You may include supervisor(s), colleague(s), and/or someone you have coached or mentored. Directors may reach out to your references in the coming weeks.
Reference 1

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Thank you for your interest in coaching with us this summer. Upon successful submission, you will receive a confirmation email. Selection is rolling and we will be in contact with you in the coming weeks.