Sign-up Form: Foundational Math Brain Trust

The deadline to sign up for the Foundational Math Brain Trust was Friday, April 26th. This form is now closed.

We know from ample research that a strong grasp of math concepts at an early age is a major predictor of success later in school and in life. Join the Foundational Math Brain Trust to guide how 100Kin10 “gets smart” on foundational math proficiency – the first step in mobilizing network action to address this critical issue, which also rose to the top as one of the highest leverage opportunities for impact based on more than two years of research and tens of thousands of data points. Learn more about our focus on foundational math and what it means to be a member of the Brain Trust here

Participating partners should plan to dedicate 5-8 hours per month from May to September, including virtual meetings, individual review or worktime, and an in-person workshop in September. The Brain Trust will also work with an external consultant who 100Kin10 will engage to support the research and analysis involved in this project. Please indicate your interest in joining by Friday, April 26th.

This opportunity is only for 100Kin10 partners. Please note that spots are limited. For this reason, we also ask that only one individual per organization signs up so that we can hear a diversity of perspectives.

There is no right or wrong answer. Please note that we may share your answer with other members of the Brain Trust before the kick-off to help the group understand member goals and capacities.