2019-20 Urban Alliance Chicago Obama Youth Jobs Corps (OYJC) Application

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Page 1

Thank you for your interest in Urban Alliance!
Application Instructions
  1. Please complete the application starting on page 2. Applications will not be completed until you press the "submit" button.

  2. In order for your application to be fully processed, we will need a signed parent and counselor consent form.
    (will add hyper links to forms when ready)
    You can submit forms directly in the application or email them to chicagoapplication@theurbanalliance.org.
Please note that you do not have to finish the application in one session. You can save your progress and return at a later time.

Please call our offices with any questions at (312) 496-3300.

Applications are accepted through September 20, 2019. 

Page 2: About You!

The questions below are about you, where you live, and how we'll contact you.

Include unit number if applicable.

Page 3: Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact 1: Please list a parent/guardian

Emergency Contact 2: Other parent/guardian or other emergency contact

Page 4: About Your School

About Your School
The questions below are about your academic experiences so far.

Page 5: Your Work Experience

The questions below are about your employment history before applying to Urban Alliance.

Previous Employment
Please list up to two jobs you've held, beginning with the most recent position. Please list the employer, the dates of employment, your hourly wage, your hours per week, and the job type.




Page 6: Personal Paragraph

This personal paragraph helps us learn about you in ways different from your GPA, work experience or recommendations. We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to tell us something unique about you that we cannot learn from the rest of your application.

Please choose ONE of the topics below for your personal paragraph.
  • Describe a challenge you have had to overcome in your life and explain how you were able to overcome it.
  • Describe why you should be selected for the Obama Youth Jobs Corps.
  • Describe where you see yourself in five years. Include information about your academic, professional and personal life.

Page 7: Supplemental Questions

The questions below are used to learn more about you and your experiences. They are confidential and will not be shared. It is important to answer these questions honestly. Your answers to these questions will not impact your acceptance into the program. 
Family Education

Other Family Questions


Page 9: Consent Forms

Parent/Guardian Approval and Release
In order to be fully processed, you must submit ALL of the following documents.

Parent Release
Counselor Recommendation 

Please download and print the documents above. You may EITHER upload the documents here OR email them as attachments to chicagoapplication@theurbanalliance.org.

Counselor Recommendation

Page 10: Conditions for Acceptance and Submit your Application

Conditions for Acceptance
Please read the following statements carefully as they constitute conditions for your acceptance as an Urban Alliance Intern:
Submit your application
Once you press "Submit", you will no longer have access to the application.
Please send follow-up questions and consent forms to: chicagoapplication@theurbanalliance.org.