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Wiki Education is committed to our mission of equity and inclusivity. For those that are willing to share personal details with us, we thank you for your support in allowing us to accurately track our progress toward these goals.


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Each week during this course, we will host one-hour virtual classes via Zoom.
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The full tuition for this course pays for the time our staff will support you through the rigorous process of quality improvement, as well as the technical resources you'll be using. However, we understand that this cost can be a burden.

Many universities, departments, organizations, and companies have funds available for employees' professional development, and you may be able to apply your "broader impact" funding you've received as part of a grant. If you have this opportunity, we are happy to work with you to set up a custom payment plan that allows you to get your fees covered by your employer.

We are also committed to our mission of equity and inclusivity. For those who do not have access to funding, thanks to generous donors, we are often able to provide a small number of need-based awards for qualified applicants whose context and background can greatly improve Wikipedia. If financial aid is available, you'll answer a question below regarding your financial aid needs.



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