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Referred By
If referred by a friend/professor, please tell us their name so we can personally thank them

Letter of Recommendation (required for travel aid assistance)
If letter will be emailed directly, please have sent to events@hildebrandproject.org

e.g. teacher/professor, chaplain, employer, etc.

Personalist Questionnaire

We will be compiling a directory of the attendees of the Hildebrand Project Residency for distribution. But this isn’t just any directory, it’s a personalist directory. We are hoping to capture something distinctive about each of you, so that, as you look over the directory, you may discover points of affinity (and intriguing differences). Our goal is to help extend the temporary community of this residency into a lasting community rooted in friendships and collaborations that endure long after our week in Steubenville.

e.g. "Student of politics and philosophy, fan of Israel and Poland, passionate about freedom and responsibility." or "A recent Notre Dame economics graduate hoping to learn more about philosophy and his faith and not say anything heretica.l"
Three things to ask me about: 
e.g. Jane Austin, Air-cooled Volkswagens, Alfred Hitchcock Films, etc.
e.g. Things my children say, etc.
e.g. Teaching in Croatia, etc.
If you like us to share your social media profiles with the other participants, please list your information below. Note: this will only be shared if your application is accepted.
e.g. www.facebook.com/JohnSmith
e.g. @JohnSmith001
e.g. www.linkedin.com/in/johnsmith
e.g. @JohnSmith001