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The Greater Minds Reengagement MicroGrant is provided by a partnership with Greater Spokane Inc. and the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) to assist returning students in resolving pre-registration financial hurdles by providing small dollar microgrants.

Student Eligibility

  • Former students with some college and no credential earned with a previous fee
  • Previous fees that are a result of financial aid overpayments or defaults are ineligible
  • Expenses that are not educational related are ineligible
  • Students are eligible for one MicroGrant payment up to $1,000
  • Student otherwise exhibit readiness to enroll

  Types of Fees

ยท        Eligible fees include funds owed to a previous institution or necessary to enroll in the receiving institution.  Examples (not exhaustive) are included below.




Transcript hold

Parking fines

Library fines

Testing fees

Previous unpaid tuition

Admissions fees

Tuition deposit

Aid overpayments

Student loans

Collections fees in excess of original principal*



* Community partner pays only when entire amount will be cleared if total in excess of maximum award


By submitting this form I give permission to Greater Minds to forward my information to its partner institutions for purposes of assisting with my previous financial debt payment.

I fully understand that all information given on this application and information released to Greater Minds or its partner institutions is protected by the Federal Privacy Act and, therefore will be kept confidential. Greater Minds promises it will NEVER sell or give away personal information.

I certify that all information that I have provided on this application is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and ability.

If you have questions now or later, please contact Jodi Strote, Education Attainment Navigator: 509-321-3623 or