Welcome Back 2019-2020 (First round registration)「同回童家」-重訪幼兒之家(第一階段報名)

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Welcome Back Poster English
Welcome Back Poster English

*我們會先根據曾居於幼兒之家的年紀較大的領養孩子安排活動日期,你可先行選擇該日期。如你對活動日期有任何查詢,可於遞交表格後,致電與 2313 5620 或電郵至 adoption@motherschoice.org 與我們聯絡。

*We will arrange the activity date to your family according to the older adoptee who lived in CCH before joining in your family. Please choose the date provided first. If you have any concerns about the date arrangement, please contact us by calling 2313 5620 or send email to adoption@motherschoice.org after completing this online form.





曾居於幼兒之家的領養孩子 (2) 資料

 領養孩子 (未曾於幼兒之家居住) 資料

 領養孩子 (未曾於幼兒之家居住) (2) 資料


 親生孩子 (2) 資料

Participant's information

Information of adoptive father

Information of adoptive mother

Information of adopted child who lived in Child Care Home before

Information of adopted child who lived in Child Care Home (2) before

Information of adopted child who have not lived in Child Care Home before 

Information of adopted child who have not lived in Child Care Home (2) before 

Information of biological child

Information of biological child (2)


Cannot attend
If you cannot attend the activity (in the first round), please register in the second round in July 2019. 



v  本年度「同回童家」將分為兩階段報名。第一階段報名是20194接受報名20197始,會接受第二階段報名。兩階段的活動內容均為相同,故家庭只需選擇出席其中一次

v  「同回童家」舉行日期、時間和詳情以網上報名版本為準。

v  由於名額有限,每個家庭參與同回童家人數上限為4人。

v  所有報名只以已填妥的網上報名表格為準。

v  由於名額有限,報名一經確認,將不能作出任何更改。家庭如未能出席,請盡早通知,以將名額給等家庭。

v  若家庭有多於名曾居住於幼兒之家領養孩子,歡迎與我們聯絡以作出特別安排。

v  母親的抉擇或會按照天氣或幼兒之家實際運作等情況而作出改動,並保留活動最終決定權。

Points to note

v    “Welcome Back” days are for families with children who previously lived at Child Care Home of Mother’s Choice.

v   There will be two opportunities this year to register for a “Welcome Back”. The first round of registration will start from April 2019. The second round of registration will from in July 2019. The program contents of the two rounds will be the same, so please choose to attend once only.

v   For the dates, times and details of the “Welcome Back”, the online registration version shall prevail.

v   Due to limited spaces, a maximum of 4 participants for each family is welcomed.

v   We only accept online registration through this submitted form.

v   Due to limited spaces, we are unable to offer any changes once your confirmation is sent. If you are unable to attend, please inform us so that your space can be released for families on the wait list.

v   If your family has more than 1 adoptee lived in CCH before, please contact us for special arrangements.

v   Mother’s Choice reserves the right to make changes under special circumstances, including cancellation of event due to weather conditions or health outbreaks at the Child Care Home.