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This form ... is for those applying to be a volunteer on a Scripture Union activity.  For example, to lead or help with a lunchtime school group, to be on a mission team, or to be a leader on a camp. 

Your application  ...  needs to include all the information asked for in this form, especially names of referees and, if 18 or older, Working With Children check details.  We will advise you of the outcome of your application once we have undertaken the necessary screening.
In preparation ...  have your the following information ready:
  • NSW (or other State) Working with Children Check details
  • Child Protection/Safe Ministry Training details
  • Names and details of Referees.
There are five pages to this form and will take you around 20 minutes to complete.  If you have any problems with the form contact the SU Office.

Details of the Scripture Union NSW Privacy Policy can be found here.

Activity Description

Activity Description

Volunteer's details

Does this form contain someone else's information?  If so please do not proceed with completing this form. For a blank form go to and navigate to the page of the SU Activity you are a part of and select "Volunteer".
Health & dietary
Dietary Requirements

Contact Details

This becomes the email address SU uses to identify you on our database.

Include area code.

Include area code.
Mailing Address

Alternate Address

Accompanying family member details
This section is used for any family members under 18 who will be accompanying the Volunteer.  Other adult volunteers are required to submit a separate application.


Health & dietary
Dietary Requirements

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The names and details of at least TWO referees is required, one of whom should be your minister/pastor.

In providing the following details, you authorise SU to contact the referees and any relevant authorities regarding character, experience and information provided in this form.
First Referee - Your Minister/Pastor

Include area code

Character Referee(s)

Include area code

Mantatory Child Protection
Working WIth Children Check (WWCC)
A valid WWCC clearance is required for any volunteer who is 18 years of age or older at the time of the activity.  If you do not have a valid WWCC, an application can be started at

Child Protection / Safe Ministry Training
Volunteers are required to complete suitable safe ministry / child protection training.  If already completed through church or ChildSafe online provide details here.

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Select from the churches listed, but if your church is not listed there is a space below for you to add your church.

School ISCF and SUPA Club

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Christian Life & Ministry

The following questions are for you to provide details of licences, qualifications, skills and interests relating to the activity you are volunteering for.  Add as many as you like.
Academic Qualification


Format ##/##/####

If applicable

Interests and Experience

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Permission and Indemnity
Where the volunteer is under 18, details and consent of the parent / guardian / carer is required, as follows:
Parent / guardian / carer's details

My signature or FULL NAME TYPED in the space below indicates my willingness to permit my child / children to fully participate in all Scripture Union associated activities.  In the case of a medical emergency I give permission to Scripture Union to attain medical assistance for my child / children.   I understand that every effort will be made to contact me prior to initiating such.

Personal details will remain confidential and will not be provided to others except as may be required by Law.  The Scripture Union privacy policy is available on our website here.  
Scripture Union is a ChildSafe organisation.  Details of our policies are available upon request.
The SU Aims Beliefs and Working Principles can be found on our website here.