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Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in Urban Alliance! Please carefully read the application instructions below before completing the application. Please call our office with any questions at the following number 410.366.5780.


Please note the following application deadlines: June 14, 2019

High School Internship Program

1.      Work Monday through Thursday during the school year (2pm – 5pm)

2.      Work full-time Monday through Thursday (9am– 5pm) in the summer

3.      Earn $10.10/hour with two raises up to $12.10/hour

4.      Attend professional development workshops Friday afternoons

5.      Get help with post-high school planning, earn community service hours, and more!


1.      Attend an Urban Alliance partner high school in Baltimore City

2.      Be a senior during the 2019– 2020 school year

3.      Must have a 2.5 GPA

4.      Half-day/Authorized off campus schedule all school year

5.      Be available to work Monday-Thursday (2pm–5pm) during the school year


Application Instructions

1.       Your application must be completed in its entirety and submitted. Please note, incomplete applications will not be processed.


In   In order for your application to be fully processed, we must receive your
Parent Consent Form and Counselor Form.

The Counselor form will be sent to your counselor directly when your application is processed via email.

Contact Information

Include unit number if applicable.

This information will be kept confidential. This information allows us to track your future college attendance in the National Student Clearinghouse.

About Your School
The questions below are about your academic experiences so far.

Parent/Guardian Contact Information

Emergency Contact

Previous Employment
Please list up to two jobs you've held, beginning with the most recent position. Please list the employer, the dates of employment, your hourly wage, your hours per week, and the job type.



Post-High School Plans

Personal Paragraph
This personal paragraph helps us learn about you in ways different from your GPA, work experience or recommendations. We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to tell us something unique about you that we cannot learn from the rest of your application.

Please choose ONE of the topics below for your personal paragraph.
  • Describe a challenge you have had to overcome in your life and explain how you were able to overcome it.
  • Describe why you should be selected for the Urban Alliance Internship Program.
  • Describe where you see yourself in five years. Include information about your academic, professional and personal life.

Supplemental Questions
The questions below are used to learn more about you and your experiences. They are confidential and will not be shared. It is important to answer these questions honestly. Your answers to these questions will not impact your acceptance into the program.

“In your care” means that you are legally responsible for the child or have formal custody for the child. Informal care arrangements, such as taking care of a sister’s child while she is at work, should not be included.

Conditions for Acceptance
Please read the following statements carefully as they constitute conditions for your acceptance as an Urban Alliance Intern:

*The information that I have provided on this application is my own work, factually true and honestly presented. 
It is my responsibility to ensure all supporting documents (Counselor Recommendation Form and Consent Form) are submitted and received by Urban Alliance.

*I understand that incomplete applications may not be processed by Urban Alliance.

*In the event that I am accepted, I agree to conform to all Urban Alliance Policies and Procedures that will be outlined in the Pre-Work training.  

*I understand that my Internship opportunity may be revoked at any time due to failure to adhere to the Urban Alliance policies or demonstration of inadequate performance at the job site.

*I understand that if I am accepted, and unless given specific permission otherwise, I am required to:
Work Monday through Thursday from 2:00pm - 5:00pm and attend Friday workshops from                                3:00pm - 4:30pm during the school year.
Work Monday through Thursday for 8 hours a day and attend Friday workshops from 10:00am –                     3:00pm during the summer.

Although Urban Alliance makes every effort to accommodate individual preferences for Internship location, I understand and accept the condition that Urban Alliance will make Internship placements based on numerous factors and my first choice Internship is not guaranteed.
Submit your Application!
Once you press "Submit", you will no longer have access to the application.

Please send follow-up questions, counselor forms and consent forms to: baltimoreapplication@theurbanalliance.org.