August 2019 Order Form


Submit Deadline: July 12, 2019

Please use the form below to order additional lighting, power, and fixtures for your booth. Please contact Natalie at with any questions.

Booth Lighting Packages

Booths come with a standard package of lights based on the booth size (standard packages and sample images listed below). Booths come with LED lights comparable to 90 watt halogen floods. Standard booths will receive one light per 4’ panel.  Shoppe Kiosks will come with two lights. For non-standard booths, please email Natalie at to inquire about your lighting package.

    • 4x8 - 4 lights
    • 4x12 - 5 lights
    • 4x16 - 6 lights
    • 4x32 - 10 lights

Spot lights are available upon request. Gooseneck lights are available for hard to reach areas where no lighting truss exists.

Early bird pricing for additional lights was:

    • 1 flood light - $150
    • 1 spot light - $170
    • 1 gooseneck - $200

After July 12th, pricing for additional lights increases to: 

    • 1 flood light - $225
    • 1 spot light - $255
    • 1 gooseneck - $300

Please email with additional requests or questions.

Sample of Booth Lighting System: 
Sample of Booth Lighting System

Sample of Gooseneck Lights: 
Sample of Gooseneck Lights

Booth Power

Please note that booths do not come with a power source. You may purchase an outlet for $300 per outlet. (Price increases to $450 per outlet after July 12th). Outlets provide roughly 15amps, similar to the power in a home outlet.

Outlets will either come embedded in a wall panel, roughly 10 inches from the ground and centered on a 4' wide wall panel or as a cord dropped and taped down the corner of the booth. Exact placement cannot be guaranteed. Embedded outlets are based on availability.

If you need more than 20amps of power from one source, please email for a custom estimate.

Additional Fixtures Rental

If you have ordered rental fixtures within your contract, and do not wish to order additional fixtures, please leave this section blank.





Additional booth lighting and power will be charged to the credit card listed below. We will contact you with an order confirmation prior to charging your card. A paid receipt will be emailed. 
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