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Please upload a Personal Statement letting us know why you'd like to take part in the Skillful  Coaching Corps. You may submit either a 2-minute video or a written response of no more than 300 words. This portion of the application is an opportunity to help us get to know you and your interests and goals, and will let us know how you hope participation in the Corps will impact your ability to serve people and your professional growth.

If you choose to submit a video, please upload the video to Vimeo, YouTube, or a similar service, and provide a link in the field below (be sure the video is set to public).

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Skillful Governor's Coaching Corps Alumni
Please list any Skillful Governor's Coaching Corps alumni who could provide a reference for you (this step isn't required). Click the link to add more.
Coaching Corps Nomination
To be eligible, applicants must be nominated by the most senior career services manager/director at their organization to indicate the organization's support of the applicant's participation in the Corps (note: for workforce centers, nominators should come from the center director).

Please complete the form below to indicate your nominator. Upon submission of your application, your nominator will receive an automatic email to complete the nomination form.

The nominator should be able to address the questions below in order to endorse you as an applicant. 
  • How long have you known the applicant and in what capacity?
  • How will the applicant's participation in the Corps impact your organization?
  • Why are you recommending the applicant to the Corps?
  • Please affirm that you have read and understand the Governor's Coaching Corps Terms & Conditions (available here), understand the time commitment required of Corps coaches, and are willing to support the applicant's active participation in Corps activities and events. 

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Please indicate that you have read and agree to the Skillful Governor's Coaching Corps Terms & Conditions, available here, including all eligibility and commitments of participation. 

We like to emphasize the time commitment required as a participant in the Coaching Corps. Participation in the Corps is voluntary. The expectation is that Corps Coaches who are selected will devote approximately 160 hours to the program, 80 hours of which is expected to be work time and 80 hours of which is expected to be unpaid personal time, although actual time commitments may differ from the above. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure their supervisor and nominator are aware of this time commitment. 

I have read and agree to the Governor's Coaching Corps Terms & Conditions.

Participation in the Skillful Governor's Coaching Corps requires attendance at five retreats between the start and end dates below. (Costs of travel and lodging will be covered by Skillful).

Please confirm you are available on the following dates: