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YMCA EF Online Data Entry System Registration

This form is only for the registration of EF Online Data Entry System (EF ODES) users who have been trained to use the System by the YMCA of the USA. All users who are registered via this form have been informed of and agree to abide by the Terms of Use and User Guidelines listed below.

(4 digit ID)

User Guidelines

  • Accounts may only be accessed by the user originally registered. Sharing of login information is prohibited. A user license may be transferred to another user by contacting YMCA of the USA (Y-USA) in order to effectuate the transfer.
  • Local YMCAs must provide Y-USA contact with notification when a user account will no longer be used so that it can be transferred to another certified instructor/user at your YMCA. No transfer may be made independently of YMCA of the USA and Sound Generations.
  • The EnhanceFitness Online Data Entry System includes access to a standard suite of reports. Y-USA may request additional (non-standard) reports from Sound Generations on behalf of a local YMCA User; however, such reports must be requested through Y-USA. Non-standard reports may be subject to a development fee of up to $60/hr. Y-USA will provide local YMCA Users the training and tools on how to download their raw data through existing reports available within the system and generate their own reports.
  • Data may be viewed by Sound Generations for the purposes of technical assistance, training and policy development, and Software improvement. Duplicated data may be removed as part of ongoing data maintenance.
  • Y-USA and Sound Generations may access and share de-identified, aggregated data in order to advocate on behalf of EnhanceFitness, EnhanceFitness affiliates and partners such as Sound Generations with other third parties such as the Administration on Aging, the National Council on Aging, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, or University of Washington's Health Promotion Resource Center, as well as State, County, or other regional or governmental bodies. Neither Y-USA nor Sound Generations will ever share identifiable personal participant data with a third party without the express consent of the participant and YMCA involved, per the forms.
  • All participant data entered must have participant's sign-off on all of the forms. If the participant has not signed off then do not enter the data.
  • All participant forms, or reports that have identifiable data or health information may never be shared or left in any unsecured area.

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