SFL 2020-2021 North American Local Coordinator Application

Important: This application is only for new coordinators located in United States or Canada.

It may take some time to complete the form, please make sure that you have enough time before starting. You can find the document with all questions here.

To be eligible for the LC Program, students must: 
- Be active on a college campus during 2020-2021 academic year
- Be located in the United States or Canada

For full details of the program, visit www.studentsforliberty.org/north-america/local-coordinator-program/. For more information or if there are any further questions, please contact SFL's North American Leadership Manager Elizabeth Hayes at ehayes@studentsforliberty.org
Contact Information


Pro Liberty Activities

Intellectual Influences
Please list at least 3 of your greatest intellectual influences (either a person or book) and one sentence for each of them explaining how they've influenced you.


Coordinator Program

Extra Curricular Activities
Please name your current extracurricular activities, your position in each, and approximately how many hours a week you're currently dedicating to each extracurricular activity.

Students Prospects
Are there any other students in your area that you would recommend to participate in SFL programs?