Heidelberg Laureate Forum Travel Support 

Please complete this form by 5pm Tuesday 31 May 2022

To be eligible for travel support, you must:

1. Have received an invitation to the 2022 HLF in the field of mathematics
2. Be a member of the Australian Mathematical Society
3. Be employed by or enrolled as a student at an Australian university mathematical sciences department or school
4. Have written support from your head of school or department indicating the extent of other financial support available for you

Places to be visited within proposed dates

Proposed academic activities in addition to attending the Heidelberg Laureate Form

Include all flights and ground transport estimates as a comprehensive breakdown

Request for AMSI/AustMS to cover budget accommodation to support additional academic activities outside of the seven days covered by the HLF.

Please list all other financial support you intend to seek

Total of all expenses not covered by other sources

Please upload a letter of support from your Head of School or Department including details of the support amount available from your School, Department or University funds. It is normally expected that the successful candidate’s department will fund at least one third of the expenses not covered by HLF.