Indego Champions Program

No better time to start cycling than now. No better program to help you do it!

Join other soon-to-be cyclists as part of the Champions program. This program will help you learn the basic abilities and knowledge needed to ride. The curriculum includes:
  1. Learn to Ride Class (if needed) - learn the fundamentals of pedaling and balance
  2. Urban Riding Basics - learn cyclists' rights and duties needed to ride safely on trails or in traffic
  3. Skill Building Class - learn how to better control the bike when you ride
  4. Group Ride - put all your hard work to use and join a traffic-free ride with other beginners to get real world experience
After completing the classes/ride, you'll receive a rewards package courtesy of Indego, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, and the Better Bike Share Partnership.

Fill out the information below to join!

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia
1500 Walnut St, Suite 1107
Philadelphia, PA 19102