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Head of your establishment

Lead person for this project

Please list staff who have completed Froebel training:

(settings must have a member of the management team, plus at least one other practitioner / teacher, who have completed the Froebel course at University of Edinburgh or the University of Roehampton, or all five elements of the Froebel short course delivered by Travelling Froebel Tutors) 

Please enter a date in the following format DD/MM/YYYY eg. 04/05/2020

Please enter a date in the following format DD/MM/YYYY eg. 04/05/2020

Data Protection Statement

1. This statement is a “fair processing notice” under the Data Protection Act 1998 (the “Act”) and sets out what the Froebel Trust will do with the information that it collects from you during the grant/award application process and throughout the life of the grant/award (including all information relating to the grant/award application and, as applicable, any subsequent grant/award made).
2. Information (including “personal data” as defined under the Act) that you supply to the Froebel Trust, including in any application and progress or update report, may be used by the Froebel Trust to process applications and administer grants/awards, for the purposes of audit and evaluation and to monitor the fairness of and trends in application decisions.  Your information may be disclosed for these purposes only to individuals and organisations connected with the Froebel Trust, including funding partners, external peer reviewers and external committee members.  Your information may also be shared with selected third parties for the purpose of independent audit, evaluation and assessment of activities funded by the grant/award and their outputs and outcomes.  Some of these third parties may be based outside the European Economic Area.  All personal data will be stored and used by or on behalf of the Froebel Trust in accordance with the Act.
3. The Froebel Trust may anonymise your personal data and use it for research and statistical purposes.
4. The Froebel Trust may publish details of successful grants/awards and their outputs, including your name, employing organisation, project title, a summary of the grant/award and its value and, in the case of grants/awards funding research, scientific/academic abstracts and lay summaries of research (e.g. via the internet or via publicly accessible databases or other publications, some of which may be accessible from outside the EEA).
5. The Froebel Trust may contact you about its activities and events, or to help inform or evaluate these activities and events, Froebel Trust application processes and policy work.
6. The Froebel Trust may amend this Statement from time to time.  Any material changes in how the Froebel Trust collects, uses or shares your personal data will be posted on the Froebel Trust website at: www.froebel.org.uk.

Consent for specific processing
Our Privacy Notice explains the ways in which we intend to process your personal data. We do not need your consent when we process your personal data for the purpose of fulfilling our contractual obligations to you, complying with our own legal obligations, or for our own legitimate interests. However, some of our processing activities do need your consent. We require your consent in order that your personal data can be transferred outside the EEA for the purpose of the audit, evaluation and assessment of the activities funded by the grant, both during the application process, and during the administration of the grant. Please note that this personal data will not be subject to the same protections as it would be in the EEA. You will not be able to enforce your rights against the people we are sharing your personal data with.  You do not have to give consent however please note that if you do not give your consent we may be unable to assess your grant application and/or administer your grant. You can withdraw your consent at any time sacha@froebeltrust.org.uk or writing to The Froebel Trust, Clarence Lodge, Clarence Lane, London, SW15 5JW or writing to The Froebel Trust, Clarence Lodge, Clarence Lane, London, SW15 5JW. 

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Applications must be completed and submitted online by 5pm on 30 April 2020.