2019 College Day

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Hello College Day Site Coordinators:

It's time to sign up for College Day 2019. The official College Day is October 18, 2019. This year, the College Day Committee will try to provide additional support, ideas, and resources to make College Day a week-long event. You are welcome to hold your event(s) on October 18 or any days during the week. 

The theme this year is College Day: INVEST Self. Family. Future!

Please fill out this form to participate in College Day 2019. This information helps our fundraising for College Day and our ability to provide you with College Day swag

Deadline of submission has been extended to June 14.

Please Note: If you are not going to be the College Day site Coordinator in 2019, please forward this to the appropriate person at your school. 

I. School/Organization Information

II. College Day Materials

III. College Day Speakers Bureau - The College Day Committee recruits and places professional volunteers in participating schools to share their personal college journey during the week of College Day. 

IV. Other College Day Activities - The College Day Committee is looking into additional activities to support promotion of college-going culture in schools throughout the year.  Please indicate your interest in any of the following. 
Please note that these activities are NOT confirmed and they may be available in a different time of the year. (e.g. Spring) We'll reach out to you with more details if the Committee decides to organize them.

V. Fulfillment of College Day Supplies

VI. Program Surveys

Thank You.

If you have any questions about College Day 2019, please email collegeday@svefoundation.org

Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) is the lead organizer of 
College Day in Santa Clara County in 2019.