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Customer Procurement Review is available to current Green-e® Energy Participants for individual transactions in which the Participant sells a Green-e® Energy certified product that meet specific criteria listed below and upon payment of the fee indicated below. 

This review addresses one of the chief concerns for Participants about the timing of the Green-e® certification process and the sales cycle, by letting Participants avoid waiting for the results for the annual Green-e® verification process before providing assurances to customers of their Green-e® Energy certified product under the individual transactions subject to this review. It is particularly well-suited for individual, high-impact sales to corporate entities.

Customer Procurement Review does not replace the annual verification process for Participants under the terms and conditions of their Green-e® Energy Certification and Logo Use Agreement. Transactions submitted to Customer Procurement Review must still be included in Participants' annual verification submission, but Participants do not need to duplicate work already done as part of Customer Procurement Review.

Transaction Criteria for Customer Procurement Review

In order to qualify for Customer Procurement Review, a transaction must:

  • consist of retired megawatt hours (“MWh”) or MWh transferred to an end user’s account in an approved tracking system;

  • certain to MWh or renewable energy certificates (“REC”) from facility (ies) with a Tracking Attestation on file with CRS

  • Involve a counterparty that is a non-residential customer;

  • transaction volume is greater than or equal to 10,000 MWh; and

  • not trigger any of the state-by-state special cases related to cap and trade programs (such as California and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative) listed in the appendices of the Green-e® Renewable Energy Standard for Canada and the United States.

Process to Request Customer Procurement

If a Participant is  a seller of a Green-e® certified renewable energy product, please complete this form to request Customer Procurement Review for a transaction that meets the above criteria. Additional charges do apply, as shown below.

If you are a  buyer of Green-e® certified renewable energy that wishes to have a transaction submitted to Green-e® Customer Procurement Review, please contact the Participant from which you are purchasing to have it complete this Procurement Review Form for the transaction. Email for more information.


Each Application Form 

(Each application form is only for one specific transaction to one purchaser or buyer, which could use between 1 to 5 facilities)

Cost for Each Additional Facility



Transaction Information

Facility and Generation Information

Acceptable syntax for tracking system ID numbers

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(“Participant”), that, for the Transaction identified in the Green-e® Customer Procurement Form submitted by Participant: 

  1. I am an authorized agent of Participant and have authority to submit attest to the statements on this form on behalf of Participant.

  2. Any megawatt-hours of energy (either as electricity or RECs) covered by the Transaction (“Subject RE”) originated from generators meeting the criteria set forth in the Green-e® Renewable Energy Standard for Canada and the United States and the criteria for Customer Procurement Review listed in the Green-e® Customer Procurement Form;

  3. Subject RE that was advertised, disclosed, or otherwise represented as Green-e® Energy Certified will be included in Participant’s reporting year verification submission to CRS for Green-e® certification; 

  4. The Transaction was processed in a registered tracking system approved by CRS;

  5. The environmental benefits of the Subject RE have not already been claimed for use, including in generator or supplier advertising; and

  6. The Subject RE has not been:

      1. Sold, marketed, or otherwise represented the electrical energy that was generated with the reported RECs (null power)as renewable energy; and
      2. Used to meet any federal, state or local renewable energy requirement, renewable energy procurement, renewable portfolio standard, or other renewable energy mandate.

To the best of my knowledge, the statements contained in documentation provided to CRS for the Transaction are true and correct. 


On behalf of Participant, I authorize CRS staff to disclose Transaction information to relevant governmental, quasi-governmental, or other regulatory authorities for the purposes of notifying such bodies that the Transaction was made in the voluntary renewable energy market and should not be counted toward state or other renewable energy mandates or other relevant mandates. 


The parties agree that this document may be electronically signed.  The parties agree that electronic signatures appearing on this document are the same as handwritten signatures for the purposes of validity, enforceability, and admissibility.


You may withdraw your consent to receive electronic documents, notices, or disclosures at any time. In order to withdraw consent ,you must notify CRS that you wish to withdraw consent and request that your future documents, notices, and disclosures be provided in paper format.  To request paper copies of documents; withdraw consent to conduct business electronically and receive documents, notices, or disclosures electronically, or withdraw consent to sign documents electronically, please contact CRS at

This form is used by Center for Resource Solutions to verify the accuracy of claims made by Participants in the Green-e® Energy Program. Except for the uses authorized above, namely verification by Center for Resource Solutions and the protection of the voluntary renewable energy market, the information on this form is held strictly confidential and will not be shared with any other party except in aggregate form, except for such uses authorized by this form.             
Copyright © 2020 Center for Resource Solutions. All rights reserved.


Green-e® Energy Customer Procurement Review Fees

To complete your Customer Procurement Review request, please enter payment information below and then submit your request.

Base Fee.    $500

The base fee to submit a Customer Procurement Review form automatically covers review of up to five facilities.

Payment Information