New Clinic Signup

In order to register your clinic - for the first time - with CCHF, please fill out your contact details. CCHF will use the information provided to verify that you are authorized to provide your clinic information.

Once this step is completed we will send you a link to complete your clinic profile. PLEASE NOTE:  We require your birthdate and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number to verify your identity and keep your clinic information safe. 


Let's see if your clinic is already in our system. Start typing the name of your clinic.
If your clinic is already in our system, you'll get an error message as this form is designed for new clinics only.  But no worries, we have a plan for that! Simply return to the JOIN tab and select the 'Update Primary Contact Form' to receive authorization to update your existing clinic data. 

Can't find your clinic name in the list? Enter it here to register a new clinic.