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Application Form for the MitOst Festival Tandem Mobility Grant 2019


Dear Tandem Alumni,

MitOst invites its friends and members, as well as everyone interested in cultural and civic exchange in Europe and its neighbouring regions, to participate in the International MitOst Festival. About 350 participants present their own projects and initiatives, host sessions, offer workshops and network

This year the 17th International MitOst Festival will be from 2nd to 6th of October 2019 in Budapest, Hungary.

We offer 10 grants for the MitOst Festival. Please register for the MitOst Festival before applying for the mobility grant!

The maximum amount of the funding is 500,- EUR, which can cover up to 70% of the mobility expenses, i.e. travel, visa, accommodation and subsistence costs. The remaining 30% needs to be covered from other sources, or (your own) in-kind contributions, e.g. through couch surfing.  Payment of the mobility takes place as reimbursement after the travel. 

For questions, please write to Silvana.naguib@mitost.org.

Deadline: 30.06.2019

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I hereby agree that my personal information will be saved in terms of the application of the Festival. The data is processed and stored by Mitost e.V. and passed on to persons appointed in the context of the event management.

This agreement for the usage of personal information can be cancelled via following e-mail address: anton.sienknecht@mitost.org.
Thanks for applying!
Thank you for applying for the Tandem Mobility Grant MitOst Festival Edition. We'll contact you after the deadline. All the best,
Your Tandem Team

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