Homeownership Program Application

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Phases in Application Process

Phase I - Program Application
 Submit a Habitat Homeownership Program application. Upon submitting an application, it will be reviewed for completeness and you will be contacted with any questions. By submitting a program application you will be placed in our list of applicants who will be notified every time there is a home available for purchase.
Phase II - Verification
Applicants who have submitted a program application will receive notification of a home available for purchase. You will receive an email with instructions to submit required support documents to assess your ability to pay and income qualification into our homeownership program. 

Required documents will include, but are not limited:

Proof of residency: Either copy of birth certificate, passport, or permanent resident card

Copy of two recent paystub(s) for ALL current employment 
Must include Year-To-Date Income Information
Covers the most current 30-day Consecutive Pay Period

Copy of most recent personal and business bank statements 
Must include account holder name, address, and bank information
Must include all pages
Covers at least 60-day period

Copy of last three years filed personal tax returns
Must include all pages, schedules, W-2 and attachments
For self-employed: complete business returns with K-1’s (if applicable)

IF APPLICABLE: Copy of Proof of Child Support (Paid or Received)
Must include all dependents and amounts
Must include how long you will continue to receive this financial support
Phase III - Home Visits
After reviewing income verification documents, select applications will move to phase III, in which a selection committee, made up of local volunteers, will interview applicants in their current home.

Home visit dates will be scheduled during each homeowner selection period. Applicants can expect to be notified well in advance if their application moved into our home visit phase so that date and time of home visit can be scheduled. 

Phase IV - Final Selection and Onboarding
After Home visits are conducted, the selection committee makes final recommendations to the Habitat Board of Directors. Upon approval by the Habitat Board, applicants will be notified of the final decision. Those selected into the Habitat Homeownership Program will sign a letter of acceptance and pay a $100 good-faith deposit. This money is allocated toward the remainder of the closing cost. 

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to receive information about your account electronically.  If you would like to receive correspondence and notices from us electronically, instead of paper copies through the mail, please review this notice and provide your consent. 


1. Scope of Communications to Be Provided in Electronic Form. When you use a product or service to which this disclosure applies, you agree that we may provide you with any communications in electronic format, and that we may discontinue sending paper communications to you, unless and until you withdraw your consent as described below. Your consent to receive electronic communications and transactions includes, but is not limited to:

·        All legal and regulatory disclosures and communications associated with the product or service available through Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Teton Area.  

·        Notices or disclosures about a change in the terms of your account or associated payment feature and responses to claims.

·        Privacy policies and notices.


2. Method of Providing Communications to You in Electronic Form. All communications that we provide to you in electronic form will be provided either (1) via e-mail, (2) by access to a web site that we will designate in an e-mail notice we send to you at the time the information is available, or (3) to the extent permissible by law, by access to a web site that we will generally designate in advance for such purpose.


3. How to Withdraw Consent. You may withdraw your consent to receive communications in electronic form by contacting us at info@tetonhabitat.org or PO Box 4194, Jackson, WY 83001. At our option, we may treat your provision of an invalid email address, or the subsequent malfunction of a previously valid email address, as a withdrawal of your consent to receive electronic communications. We will not impose any fee to process the withdrawal of your consent to receive electronic communications. Any withdrawal of your consent to receive electronic communications will be effective only after we have a reasonable period of time to process your withdrawal.


4. How to Update Your Records. It is your responsibility to provide us with true, accurate and complete e-mail address, contact, and other information related to this E-Sign Act disclosure and your account, and to maintain and update promptly any changes in this information. You can update information (such as your e-mail address) by contacting us at info@tetonhabitat.org or PO Box 4194, Jackson, WY 83001.


5. Hardware and Software Requirements. In order to access, view, and retain electronic communications that we make available to you, you must have:

·        an Internet browser that supports 128 bit encryption;

·        sufficient electronic storage capacity on your computer's hard drive or other data storage unit;

·        an e-mail account with an Internet service provider and e-mail software in order to participate in our electronic communications programs;

·        a personal computer or tablet with an internet connection capable of receiving, accessing, displaying and either printing or storing communications;

·        Adobe Reader version 8.0 or higher to open documents in .pdf format.


6. Requesting Paper Copies. We will not send you a paper copy of any communication, unless you request it or we otherwise deem it appropriate to do so. You can obtain a paper copy of an electronic communication by printing it yourself or by requesting that we mail you a paper copy, provided that such request is made within a reasonable time after we first provided the electronic communication to you. To request a paper copy, contact us at info@tetonhabitat.org or PO Box 4194, Jackson, WY 83001. We reserve the right, but assume no obligation, to provide a paper (instead of electronic) copy of any communication that you have authorized us to provide electronically.


7. Communications in Writing. All communications in either electronic or paper format from us to you will be considered "in writing." You should print or download for your records a copy of this disclosure and any other communication that is important to you.


8. Federal Law. You acknowledge and agree that your consent to electronic communications is being provided in connection with a transaction affecting interstate commerce that is subject to the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, and the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act adopted pursuant to Wyoming Statutes Title 40, chapter 21, and that you and we both intend that the Acts apply to the fullest extent possible to validate our ability to conduct business with you by electronic means.


9. Termination/Changes. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to discontinue the provision of your electronic communications, or to terminate or change the terms and conditions on which we provide electronic communications. We will provide you with notice of any such termination or change as required by law.


10. Consent. By signing below you agree that you have read, understand, and agree to the provisions of this Agreement. You hereby give your affirmative consent to provide electronic communications to you as described herein. You further agree that your computer satisfies the hardware and software requirements specified above and that you have provided us with a current e-mail address at which we may send electronic communications to you. 

Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Teton Area is an Equal Opportunity Lender
Equal Housing Opportunity Logo
We are pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the nation. We encourage and support an affirmative advertising and marketing program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin.

Personal Information

IMPORTANT: If you list more than one adult in your household (who is not a dependent), then you must also list that person as your co-applicant.

Example: 2016, 2014
Example: 2016, 2014
Dependents of the Household
Dependents and others who would be living in the Habitat house with applicant(s):

ex: 12 or 1.5

Equal Housing Opportunity Logo
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Housing Information

Primary Mailing Address
Current Physical Address
Please provide 5 years of housing history. If you have been at your current home for less than 5 years, enter previous physical addresses in next section.
Previous Address
Current Housing Conditions



Other housing opportunities

Equal Housing Opportunity Logo

Household Income & Assets

Please provide two full years of employment history.
Employment Details

Use State abbreviation: WY or ID


accepted range 0 to 80 hours
Gross Monthly Income
Applicants must disclose all the funds received on a regular schedule by all household members from all sources: salary, retirement, pension, social Security, TANF, disability, child support, alimony, public assistance, etc. 
Income Source Details

Ex: Tommy, 18
Financial Assets
List all checking, savings and retirement accounts below.

last 4 digits only

Tangible Assets

ex: Toyota Sienna or Yamaha Snowmobile

Equal Housing Opportunity Logo

Debts & Expenses

To whom do applicant and co-applicant owe money?
Debt Details

Household Monthly Expenses
Include all monthly expenses not included in debts (use 0 for none.)
Include a combined total of utilities.
Include health, life, renters, auto, etc.
land line and mobile
Totals of Monthly Household Expenses
Equal Housing Opportunity Logo

Background Information

Please answer the following questions for the applicant, the co-applicant, and others over 18 years old who would be living in the house.

This information will be used to determine your eligibility for a Habitat home. A criminal history will not necessarily exclude you from being selected. Our committee will use this information to determine your ability to pay the mortgage and your willingness to partner with Habitat.

Equal Housing Opportunity Logo


Please list two personal references (no relatives, please.)
First Reference

Second Reference

Equal Housing Opportunity Logo

Willingness to Partner

Future Homebuyers are required to follow a savings plan towards $3,500.00 of required closing costs before closing on their Habitat Home. If selected, do you agree to follow a savings plan towards the closing costs of your home?
To be considered for a Habitat home, you and your family (when applicable) must be willing to complete at least 500 hours of “sweat equity”. The majority of this work must be completed on the construction site, helping to build your own home and the homes of others. Persons who are physically unable to do this will have an opportunity to complete their sweat equity requirement by doing other tasks. If selected, do you agree to contribute at least 500 hours of sweat equity?
Of the 500 hour sweat equity requirement, some of the hours may be completed by others you invite to volunteer with Habitat. Friends & Family hours may include people such as family members who will not be living in the home, friends, and co-workers. Are you willing to ask people for help in the construction of your home?
A portion of the 500 hour sweat equity requirement is achieved by active participation in financial education and homeownership preparedness classes. If selected, do you agree to consistently participate in this education program?
Another requirement, if selected as a future homebuyer, is that you become an ambassador for Habitat’s work and mission. You will be expected to share your story in one-on-one conversations, interviews, press releases, and other marketing. Do you agree to this requirement? Note: if you fear for your safety, there are ways to keep your name and the members of your family anonymous.
Additional Information

Equal Housing Opportunity Logo

Authorization and Release

I understand that all information provided herein is private and confidential and for program use only. I/we authorize Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Teton Area to perform an in-depth study to determine my/our actual need for housing, my/our ability to repay an affordable loan and other expenses of homeownership, and my/our personal character and reputation in order to determine my willingness to partner. This investigation may include personal visits to my/our residence, a credit check, verification of bank deposits and other assets, contact with personal references listed on this application, verification of employment, a criminal background check, and if applicable, landlord, mortgage, and public assistance checks. I also understand that Habitat for Humanity screens all applicant families on the sex offender registry. By completing this application, I am submitting myself to such an inquiry. I further understand that by completing this application, I am submitting myself to a criminal background check. The original or a copy of this application will be retained by Habitat for Humanity even if the application is not approved.

I hereby certify that I have answered all the questions in this application truthfully. I understand that if I have not answered the questions truthfully, my application may be denied, and that even if I have already been selected to receive a Habitat home, I may be deselected from the program. I understand that should I be accepted for a Habitat home, that I have a duty to update the information I supplied in this application from the time I am selected as a partner family until the date of closing on the property.
Authorization and Release
Signature(s) will be requested upon submission of application. You will be sent an email to verify your signature. You must click the verification link in the email to complete the process.

Equal Housing Opportunity Logo

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PLEASE READ THIS STATEMENT BEFORE COMPLETING THE BOX BELOW: The following information is requested by the federal government for loans related to the purchase of homes, in order to monitor the lender’s compliance with equal credit opportunity and fair housing laws. You are not required to furnish this information, but are encouraged to do so. The law provides that a lender may neither discriminate on the basis of this information, nor on whether you choose to furnish it or not. However, if you choose not to furnish it, under federal regulations this lender is required to note ethnicity, race and sex on the basis of visual observation or surname. If you do not wish to furnish the information below, please check the box below.
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