Full-Time Foster Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a full-time foster. Please complete this online application.

As a Foster Family (puppy raiser), it is your responsibility to socialize and train a puppy for a span of 18-24 months under the instruction of a qualified trainer provided by Puppy Jake Foundation. The puppy will be expected to go everywhere with you, mimicking what their life will be like when they are placed with their Veteran. You will also be expected to attend class each week.

Puppy Jake Foundation puts a lot of pride into their training program for foster families, puppy sitters and fill-in handlers. By filling out this application you agree to be a foster family, puppy sitter, or fill-in handler exclusively for Puppy Jake Foundation.

When a service dog is placed with a Veteran they will go everywhere with them. This includes but is not limited to work, school, doctors appointments, meetings, church, grocery shopping, etc. If the puppy does not get the opportunity to be exposed and trained in these environments when they are with you then they will not get an opportunity at all. It is imperative that you take the puppy everywhere with you just as if the puppy was placed with you as a service dog.

Some of our dogs may be sponsored by a business, group, or individual. At times, these dogs are requested to attend events to help represent these sponsors.

Note: Selecting “No” does not eliminate you from becoming a foster but it may limit the availability of a puppy for you.
Foster Families are required to attend:
• A minimum of 2 community events per quarter
• Work at least 2 fair shifts at the Iowa State Fair
• Class each week
Puppy Jake Foundation is committed to raising well-bred and professionally trained service dogs with the correct temperament for the job they will have upon placement. In an effort to keep costs down, some puppy raisers have offered to cover the costs associated with the service dog they are raising. If you decide to do this would work for you, you will receive a tax acknowledgment letter every year as this donation is fully tax deductive. Save your receipts and submit to the CEO at the end of the year.

Note: Puppy Jake Foundation is in the process of negotiating donations with vendors that provide some of the items listed above. If savings become available Puppy Jake will pass along these savings to you.

Puppy Jake Foundation will provide:
  • Puppy Jake Foundation service vest
  • ID badges
  • Card with highlights from the ADA service dog access law
  • All other necessary items that you did NOT check above
As the puppy grows you may exchange your current vest and/or other training equipment for a different vest/equipment. The puppy’s current vest/equipment must be returned to complete the exchange.
Note: PJF will provide educational material about service dog laws.
All information in this application is strictly confidential.