Placement Host Interest Form:  2021-2022 Coro Fellowship 

Thank you for considering to be a Placement Host for a Coro Fellow in Public Affairs. As aspiring change makers, our Fellows are eager to bring their expertise, fresh ideas, and quality work to bear on your project and organization, and we appreciate your interest in hosting a Fellow this year. 

Please fill out this form if you are interested in hosting a Fellow in the upcoming year. Submitting this interest form will allow Program Staff to stay in touch with you as we plan for the placement. 

Please note we continue to monitor COVID-19 impacts and guidelines, and can explore in-person, hybrid and virtual placement options as needed. 

My Best,

Adem Bunkedekko

Executive Director, Coro New York Leadership Center

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Next Steps!
Thank you for your interest in hosting a Coro Fellow for a placement.  The matching of the 12 Fellows with 12 placements occurs up to two weeks prior to the placement and is based on the best fit between the skills and professional development opportunities for the individual Fellow and ability to provide value to the Placement Host via proposed project and date of submission of the Host Application Form.  As we focus on finalizing placements for your sector, we will reach out to answer any questions you have about hosting a Fellow and alert you to the application deadline.