Placement Host Form:  2019-2020 Coro Fellowship

Thank you for committing to host a Fellow for a placement at your organization. I anticipate that you are an accomplished leader in your field and are deeply committed to your work, and I greatly appreciate your sharing this with our Fellows this year. As aspiring change makers, our Fellows are eager to bring their expertise, fresh ideas, and quality work to bear on your project and organization. 

This Placement Host Form will take about 10 minutes of your time, and will help us best match you with a Fellow. To make this process as streamlined as possible, we ask that you complete this form as soon as possible and at least three weeks prior to the placement start date. 

We appreciate your support of the Fellows Program and of Coro New York Leadership Center, and thank you for providing this important development opportunity for Fellows who aspire to work and lead change in the future of NYC. 


Adem Bunkedekko 

Executive Director, Coro New York Leadership Center

Contact Information

Supervisor Information (if a person other than you)

Organization's Information


Coro Fellow's Placement Project
Please briefly describe the project (3-5 sentences) that the Coro Fellow will be focused on during their placement with your organization.  It is helpful to know what the project's purpose and desired outcomes are, as well as any specific skill sets required.  

Next Steps!
The matching of the 12 Fellows with 12 placement hosts occurs up to two weeks prior to the placement and is based on a number of considerations including: the fit of the skills and professional development opportunities for the individual; the ability for the Fellow to provide value to the placement host via the proposed project; and the date the host application was submitted.