Thank you so much for your interest in being part of the 5x5 series! With your vision and support,
these institutes will: 1) Deepen knowledge and skills development for NYC's cultural workforce, 2) Build new and strengthen current relationships among community arts education stakeholders, and 3) generate ideas for making the 2020 Conference a transformative experience for NYC and arts educators all around the country.

How can you get involved?

The 5x5 Series, October 2019–April 2020, is an opportunity for learning and collective visioning leading up the 2020 Conference for Community Arts Education next Fall in NYC. We are inviting community arts education organizations and practitioners to get involved with the series starting this July:
  • Host a 5x5 convening at your organization—The five institutes leading up to the 2020 Conference will take place at community arts organizations all throughout New York City. We are looking to partner with and provide an honorarium to host sites that would be interested in contributing space and program support. Host sites should be deeply embedded in the communities that they serve with a commitment to social justice and racial equity. The general responsibilities of host organizations include:
    • Providing space for up to 100 arts ed stakeholders for one 5x5 institute
    • With Guild support, chairing the planning committee that will shape the institute program
    • Engaging local stakeholders to participate
  • Join a Planning Committee—Each of the five institutes will be supported by a planning committee of up to 12 NYC-based arts education leaders. Planning committee members will receive a discount on 2020 Conference registration. The committee will convene regularly via video chat starting four months prior to the program date. Responsibilities of committee members include:
    • Committing to regular planning meetings either on a video chat platform or in person
    • Sharing your expertise in the institute's focus area in order to shape a program that is engaging, creative, and equitable
    • Supporting the marketing of the institute as well as the dissemination of institute resources after the event
When is each 5x5 institute convening?

While the timeline is still tentative, below are approximate institute dates. Final program timeline will be adapted in concert with host organizations.
  • 11/19: Creative Aging
  • 12/19: Teaching Artist Development
  • 2/20: Racial Equity and Social Justice
  • 3/20: Creative Youth Development
  • 4/20: Arts in Education
What is the Guild's commitment?

Throughout the 5x5 series, the Guild will:
  • Provide overall program direction and administrative support. The Guild will work closely with each host organization and planning committee to ensure a successful lead-up to the event.
  • Uphold the values of the program. The Guild's core values—Leadership, Equity, Creativity, and Community—are integral in every facet of our programming.
  • Foster a space for creativity, openness, and collective leadership. In line with our values, the Guild aims to make the 5x5 series, as well as the subsequent Conference, a learning community that centers marginalized voices, honors the work of on-the-ground community practitioners, and provides a platform for the rich history of community arts in NYC.
As a recognition of the work of our partners, 5x5 host organizations will receive an honorarium and planning committee members will receive a discount on 2020 Conference registration.

We look forward to working with you to strengthen arts ed in NYC!
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