Representing Immigrant Survivors: U Visas and Protections under VAWA

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This training covers the nuts and bolts of assisting immigrant survivors of crime or domestic violence in the U.S. apply for a U Visa or protection under VAWA, best practices for working with survivors of trauma, and volunteer opportunities to help immigrants in deportation proceedings.
This Maryland Immigrant Legal Assistance Project (MILAP) training is intended for pro bono lawyers (licensed to practice and in good standing in at least one state) and nonprofit legal services provider staff. Volunteer lawyers must agree to accept at least one case helping an immigrant survivor from a Maryland Immigrant Legal Assistance Project Partner within one year from this registration (note, depending upon the process that applies to the pro bono case, volunteer lawyers may need to attend hearings at the Baltimore Immigration Court). Cases helping someone get a U visa and VAWA status are more likely to be at the beginner level than other immigration cases.

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