Walcot Foundation Governor Priorities Review

Walcot Foundation’s Governor Priorities help guide the type of projects that we fund within our focus on Lambeth low-income residents.  We typically review them every three years. You can see our current priorities here.


To help in this process we are inviting views, especially (but not only) from our partners: current and former grantees; Lambeth schools and organisations; those with knowledge of Lambeth and an interest in our work. 


If you would like to help, please complete our survey questions below. You should keep in mind that our charitable objects require that ALL our funding must be focused on Lambeth beneficiaries and 85% needs to be focused on education/training for under 30s.


We think the survey will take 5-10 minutes to complete.  It will run until XX.  All submissions will be considered.  The new Governor Priorities will be published on our website in XXX and will be used to guide our grant-making from XXX.


Thanks so much for your time. If you have specific questions, please contact Daniel Chapman, Grants Manager via grants@walcotfoundation.org.uk.


About You

These focus groups would likely take place in July/September.