Summertime Eco-Adventure With Art Workshop

Summertime Eco-Adventure With Art Workshop

A $105 deposit fee will be due in order to confirm a date. 

If saving form and resuming later, please note that your proposed Eco-Adventure date is NOT confirmed until your form is finalized, submitted, and then approved by TreePeople.
Questions? Please contact Rosa Donis, Education Manager of On-Site Educational Tours, at 310-228-8447 or

Please note: this is NOT a confirmation of an Eco-Adventure
By completing this form you are requesting an Eco-Adventure and will be contacted by a TreePeople Education Department staff member. Prior to completing this form, please check the TreePeople Eco-Tour calendar for available dates.

Eco-Tours start at 10am
You must arrive 30 minutes before start time if your class is having a snack prior to the tour

100 student limit /$7 per each student
Fee is $15 per student. There is no cost for parents and teachers to attend Eco-Tours.

If coming in bus, no cars are allowed.

Because our park has limited parking, we cannot accommodate schools that arrive in more than 10 cars. We only have allocated parking for buses. 

Not all the parent drivers will be able to go on the private tour, They will have to adhere to our 1 adult for every 10 children policy.

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